With apologies to Midget Wrangler

In a discussion with someone who announced AFTER that he was her ex and in my excitement that she was coming to the Blog Awards, I said that some of the content from Midget Wrangler was “filthy“. And I was being the typical catholic schooled conservative person when I said it, though not thinking like Fr. Ted with a placard. I never thought or think she should stop being transparent about her sex life, it’s just the frankness of it and it juxtaposed with other tamer topics is quite new and refreshing. She’s a good writer and should not be stopped from continuing to be one and write what she wants to write. My humblest apologies for offending you and a slap to a certain someone for leaving the tact jacket at home.

6 Responses to “With apologies to Midget Wrangler”

  1. Damien,
    you did not offend me at all, I just thought it was interesting that people still think i write about sex all the time! I am very boring…really! well now I’m not allowed to write about my sex life by my boyfirend! I know, I know!
    So all is hunky dorey here!
    Cheers for the badge,

  2. My tact jacket is quite worn at this stage as well you know Mr Mulley. Anyway she was more impressed by your comment than the badge. Lovely to meet you.

  3. aquaasho says:

    Surely “filthy” is a compliment?! Keep up the filth MW, we love it!

  4. Sabrina says:

    “Filthy” is a pejorative term? Jesus what is the world coming to. I always thought it was a compliment.

  5. Elana says:

    At least coming from Damien, it would be a compliment….

  6. ellen says:

    My grandfather always said, a dirty child is a healthy child. So I suppose the same could be said for adults, wink, wink, nod, nod 😉