The Bertie letters on Newstalk

Woah. Are you tuned into OppositionTalkNewstalk this lunchtime? They’ve got hold of all the correspondence between Bertie and the Mahon Tribunal where the Tribunal has pointed out all the times in the Dáil where our glorious leader contradicted his statements to the Mahon Tribunal. They even got in actors playing the solicitors on both sides. Gold. I hope this gets podcasted. The Mahon Tribunal had identified seven different areas of contradiction. Ouch. This is what he’s going to try and stop via his High Court action. These leaks while impressive and damning are getting a bit much and making the tribunal look like a sieve.

6 Responses to “The Bertie letters on Newstalk”

  1. Adam says:

    Interesting as the amount of people privy to this correspondence is far more limited than the information previously leaked.

    Bertie’s response now will be to overlook what the letters are actually saying and point out that the Tribunal is clearly leaking against him and are out to get him.

    People will say “poor Bertie” and attack the Tribunal for going after the man of the people.

    But surely the Mahon Tribunal would realise this and wouldn’t be stupid enough to leak the letters themselves, right?

    But then who else could it be?


    Who else would have access to private correspondence between Bertie Ahern and The Mahon Tribunal? Who would benefit if it looked like these letters were leaked by The Tribunal? Who would benefit if the public thought the Tribunal was just out to get him?

    Well, I certainly can’t figure that one out.

  2. Andrew says:

    Maybe Bertie’s just left the wrong briefcase at the bank again. It would fit with his pattern of not remembering what happens when he goes in there.

  3. Branedy says:

    Any romantic liaisons with broken hearts who might have had access?

  4. Maman Poulet says:

    The problem with newstalk (one of their many!!!) and scoops is that they have cried wolf on some scoops before (ie not that much of a scoop!!!) and also sometimes are fecking useless at putting their scoops into plain english. Example of the latter being today. Eamon Keane is fecking useless.

  5. […] The letters between the Solicitor to the Tribunal and Bertie Ahern’s solicitors were read out on the Lunchtime show on Newstalk today. They helpfully include some of the Dáil interventions that our Taoiseach is trying to protect being questioned further on and your bonus track is an interview with Enda! It’s a pity that they don’t give the listeners a bluffers guide – and they spent a lot of time reading solicitors letters without a lot of interpretation. I’m sure that bloggers will help?? […]