SuperGorm – Chuck Norrising John Gormley?

SoggyJazzBiscuit has another fun idea, blogging about John Gormley and John Gormley facts:

John Gormley doesn’t blog: he looks in the direction of the internet and it writes for him

In the main photo at the top of his blag, John Gormley is shown standing beside a river. What’s not obvious to the layman is that the river is diverting itself around Gormley out of respect.

Chuck Norris, Paul O’Connell, now John Gormley?

Maybe that’s why John wears sandals? *bigvoice* Sandals of steel. *bigvoice*(Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, recycled, not tested on animals, organic steel) No shoes can take the punishment from SuperGorm, y’see. Thus the sandals.

Another fact: John, er SuperGorm has his SuperRothar because no ministerial car is needed as the road moves backward out of fear.

Anyone else able to summon up Gormley facts? I’m useless at this.

Dept of Environment logo

I do like the new Department of Environment logo though. Are they leeches used in homeopathic healing techniques or are they lentils?

11 Responses to “SuperGorm – Chuck Norrising John Gormley?”

  1. cw says:

    Much easier and funnier to substitute “Senator David” for “Chuck” in any of those clapped-out e-mails.

  2. 73man says:

    I believe the new logo was inspired by big fish swallowing little fish, much like the way Gorm himself has been….

  3. Logo looks like three slugs having a bit of an orgy. Slug-porn.

    As for Gormely facts…

    John Gormely doesn’t waste electricity boiling the kettle. He makes the water for his tea hot by channelling focussed psychic energy at his mug from his be-creased brow.

  4. Have you tried typing “find chuck norris” into google then clicking I’m feeling lucky? ………….Funny shit happens

  5. Maman poulet says:

    Merci beaucoup mulley! Jaysus

  6. Keith says:

    The road doesn’t need to move backwards for SuperRothar. It travels around in the back of SuperMinisterialCar until he’s just around the corner from the destination, when it makes its sudden leap into action.

  7. shane says:

    John Gormley eats muesli for breakfast because anything bigger disintegrates in terror.

    When John Gormley goes home at night, he moderates all the forums on the Internet. For fun.

    John Gormley doesn’t need his glasses. They’re for your protection, because nothing with an !Q of less than 150 can take his glare without bursting into tears of humiliation.

    John Gormley let Al Gore have the Nobel Prize. Al Gore knows who’s boss.

    The last journalist to make a pun on the similiarity between Gormley and ‘gormless’ will only thaw out when the icecaps melt.

    John Gormley.

    That last one just proves that John Gormley needs no verbs to do something cool.

    John Gormley is Obama’s Offaly relative. Don’t try and figure it out – you need an IQ of John Gormley’s or higher, and there is nothing higher.

  8. Sharon . says:

    John Gormley’s new logo is round . He got the idea from an old script he read about a ‘Planet’ called ‘Bertie’ .

    I’ll show myself to the door…..



  9. Twenty Major says:

    John Gormley is a spineless cunt.

    John Gormley is so consumed with power he has set aside his morals.

    John Gormley is happy to ignore Bertie’s misdeeds as long as he keeps his ministerial office and all the perks.

    Am I doing this right?

  10. Chuck Norris has a John Gormley duvet.

  11. 73man says:

    Twenty: yup. In one.