Fluffy Links – Friday December 14th 2007

Bock has at it with the Brothers of Charity Inquiry. Bock is like Geraldo and Prime Time mixed together with gin. Seriously though, Bock is impressing me more and more each week. Well done dude. If this fucker gets a book deal before me though there’ll be war… 🙂

Suzy scoops again.

More Paddy’s Valley meetup details from Anton.

John Collins talks about when Paddy’s Valley meets Socialtext.

Want. Want eile.

Jessi now has a blog too. Ready, steady, rant! Prolific already.

John Gormley did not mention me today. Crysies (Una you rock). I wonder though could he answer a comment somebody here made about the carbon footprint he’s left as a result of all the jetting to Bali. Someone suggested teleconferencing in to the meeting instead. Not sure is teleconferencing ready to be as good as real-life ear bending though. And by the way, still not a fan of the new Green party but fair play for the Minister for the Environment blogging, as in REAL blogging. Dialup Dempsey blogged during the election and stopped but full praise for Sandal John for the blogging.

Via the Chancer, the RTE News Bebo page.

Oh sweet Christ.

Speaking of Christ, I got the 2007 edition of this.

eircom. Tut tut.

Via Lar: The Paradox of choice:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday December 14th 2007”

  1. Alexia says:

    As much as I like the way you stir, Bock is a king amongst stirrers.. He makes most of us look like amateurs. * puts on helmet *

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Damien, apparently Xsies have jumped the shark or something.


  3. Mulley, if I get a book deal before you, Ill die laughing anyway so there will be no book.

  4. Segala says:

    Why TechLudd should stop before it starts…

    I love to see people spend their quality time trying to help others. I’m also fond of collaborating, networking and connecting people myself. But, I draw a line in the sand when helping to improve the ecosystem could potentially do more harm than go…