Fluffy Links – Friday November 30th 2007

Elly is working on a nice interactive map of Europe for tourism and such. Have a bash!

Maryam Scoble lists some good places to visit next week.

Well done Pat, another great deal inked.

Death by a thousand cuts. More contradictions to Bertie’s tales.

Lessons for educational publishers in a social media world.

Robin muses about Pixenate and what he’d do with it. He talks about offering a service for bloggers to edit pictures. I’d like to add that I’d take the Facebook widget that already exists and make it a blog widget so people can play with Pixenate on all their friends’ blogs too and mess around with their pictures with an export option to a new Pixenate account. BTW, Robin is on my “ones to watch” list for 2008. Get to know him before he becomes well famous and charges 25k to turn up to talk at a BarCamp.

Haha. The Pay Per Post folks are getting impatient with their dealer.

Brilliant video about proof reading.

The new Knight Rider car. That’s a macho machine. KITT in the 80s was uber-camp. But then so was the Hoff.

Wouldn’t it be great if Google Ireland would support an Open Mapping Initiative which would make their maps much much better? Not like the OSI will give away anything for free.

Sigur Ros – Hljomalind

Sigur Ros – Heima

8 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday November 30th 2007”

  1. Trinity says:

    I love Sigur Ros. Absulutely beautiful.

  2. John says:

    The OpenStreetMap initiative is alive and well in ireland. The Irish Linux users group had a scheduled talk with Steve Coast last week.


    There was a mapping weekend as well.

  3. Robin says:

    Jaysus Damien – don’t set expectations or anything! Now I can only disappoint after a statement like that. At least give me until 2010!

  4. Anthony says:

    I can attest to Robin’s rising star status. Shared a few pints at FOWA conference in October and he’s got some cool ideas.

  5. Lovely stuff from Sigur Ros. made my Friday!

  6. Sharon . says:

    Hi !
    The real kernel of the Bertie story must be that the poor man has no REAL friends 🙁
    Oscar Wilde once said (no doubt with the Bertie Ahern’s of this world in mind) – “Society sooner or later returns to its lost leader , the cultured and fascinating liar” .
    If only Mr Ahern had some proper friends , they could tell him whether they consider him ‘cultured’ or not . No question – to my mind – about the other part…

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