A bit behind

I’m way behind on everything since last week. I’ve unanswered emails from last week, blog posts still in draft, an article to write for ENN, interviews to answer and more. Early last week I picked up some virus, or at least we think it’s a virus. It started with ringing ears on Wednesday and on Thursday I got pins and needles in my left hand and foot. This spread to my whole left side on Thursday and Friday and a nasty headache kicked in too. My concentration was wiped and I could barely answer a text message. By Sunday my whole left side was numb so I thought it time to see a doctor. Went to Southdoc and they told me not to worry, it wasn’t an aneurysm or anything so see my own GP come Monday. 60 quid for that. Cheers. Well it seems to have been a viral thing, which can’t be treated. As of today most of the numbness is gone and my concentration levels are going back up. Proper two-post-a-day blogging may resume shortly, once I sort out all the emails and other stuff.

14 Responses to “A bit behind”

  1. Sinéad says:

    Sounds like a nasty virus, there’s a lot of that going around. Glad you’re on the mend. Take it easy though, these things can relapse if you push yourself too quickly back into your normal working routine.

  2. Twenty Major says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t a mild stroke? Or the plague?

  3. Damien says:

    It could be the plague alright.

  4. Sharon . says:

    Hi Damien !

    A virus might perhaps affect you more so than another person , as it seems to me that you must be in a constant state of fatigue – you take on far too much work and accompanying deadlines etc .
    Use the occasion to take a breather , Damien – at least three days with minimum effort on your part would re-charge the batteries !

    Take care ,


  5. frankp says:

    Southdoc are f*cking useless. Avoid like the plague when possible. Once I had a severe kidney infection, with all accompanying nasty symptoms, but didn’t know what was wrong with me… I went to southdoc where the doctor asked me if I wanted to go to hospital… YOU TELL ME YOU F*CKING &$%*&*£££” THAT’S WHY I’M PAYING YOU €60!!!!

  6. frankp says:

    Sorry, what I meant to say was – get well soon Damien 🙂

  7. What’s Southdoc? Is it like Southpark?

  8. @frankp I’ve noticed the same thing here (Hawai‘i) – docs who ask you for your opinion when you want theirs. Do you need a pain killer? Do you think you need to go to the hospital? Do you feel like you’re ready to back to work?

    Anyway, get well soon, Damien M.

  9. My doc asked me last week if I wanted the week off. I only took until wednesday, like a trooper.

    I’m such a spa.

  10. squid says:


    It’s out of hours doctor service, theres one in Limerick called Shannon Doc

  11. squid says:

    oh and, get well soon damien

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