JustRoutes featured in Irish Times

Well done to Vinny and Dave.*

An Irish mapping website which provides details of public transport links around the country saw a 150 per cent increase in usage as a result of the recent Dublin Bus dispute, writes John Collins .

JustRoutes.com has details of almost all Dublin Bus routes in the city and 3,621 bus stops. It also has details of all mainline rail routes and stations as well as 1,459 Bus Éireann stops. All street names can be viewed in Irish and English, and there is also an interface for French and Polish speakers. The site has been set up by Dave Rooney and Vinny Glennon, who were students at DCU together. A frustrating couple of hours spent by Rooney trying to get to Rathcoole, Co Dublin, on public transport inspired them to create the site. It is designed to allow people to find how to get from any two points in Ireland by public transport.

Dublin Bus or any of the other public transport companies do not have a similar service.

* Disclaimer, I helped them a little with their press release.

6 Responses to “JustRoutes featured in Irish Times”

  1. “Dublin Bus or any of the other public transport companies do not have a similar service”

    But probably will now…

  2. James says:

    Good stuff… not a subscriber and I won’t pay the €2 to read the article. I saw these lads at FOWA in London and they’ve done a lot of good work. If Dublin Bus and all the other companies step up their online operations as a result, then that is Ireland’s gain. My guess is that the lads at JustRoutes will always be a step or two ahead of Dublin Bus et al in their thinking. Although they probably should have consulted a web designer at some stage…

  3. tipster says:

    My road isn’t on the map, and the house was built in the 1990s 🙁

  4. noen says:

    my road/house was built in 1970’s and the system doesn’t recognise it either

  5. Liam says:

    One small thing, it’d be handy if the route was drawn out on the map, rather than just displaying the small dots instead, the Google Maps API allows for lines to be plotted between points. That said, very nice work indeed! I’m posting this here cos I couldn’t find the contact details on the site.

    * …just did on their blog. I’ll drop the guys a mail now.