Anyone else getting spam comments?

Nóirín is. She ranks very well for Christmas Cards on Google and it was a post about these where she got three spam comments from people, all claiming their website was, all recommending the site and ALL coming from the same IP address. I do remember a company on the Enterprise Ireland mailing asking for SEO advice recently. I don’t think anyone would have recommended this tactic. If it wasn’t people from then I’d consider it someone try to give them a bad name by leaving these comments but at least their IP has been logged!

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  1. Any chance you could update your link to my site? I’ve changed to

    cheers OFTR

  2. To All,

    Apologies on the spam, I didn’t think it was Spam in that sense, but was as we are new to this arena, and were looking for some simple way to get the name out there, this was a way submitted to us to get up the rankings. Please forgive and I will cease to continue.

    At this late stage, Word of Mouth, Adwords and sending emails to only those in our own database is the option for us.

    However, the Charity is real, its run by a lovely lady Jane McKenna, who we have supported over many years and her charity is on for those who wish to see what she is trying to achieve, in fact she was voted one of the “People of the Year” this year. So please visit to see the LauraLynn website.

  3. Damien says:

    Did you make up false names and false pretences on Nóirín’s blog to pimp your site, did you disclose your bias/interest when pretending to be those people? You do realise YOU BROKE THE LAW, right? Your opinion on what spam is doesn’t come into this. And leaving the same comment on my blog and Nóirín’s smacks of insincerity.

  4. Derek says:

    No, came across 1 blog sites offering christmas cards which I took up wrongly and just mentioned that we were offer Xmas Cards for Charity also. Nothing more. However there seems to be 6-7 blogs all linked and a comment posted on one blog has arrived on the other 6-7. No malice intented. Posting a comment I considered not spam as it was relevant to the topic. However, another colleague here saw the first comment and replied to it.

    Apologies, again.

  5. Damien says:

    You left a comment? So you used a fake name? Or are you also “Derek Simmons”?

    Is there a “Joe Morton” and “Jack White” in your company, because I couldn’t find their names in the CRO database?

    As for your explanation about leaving the same comment on my blog and on Nóirín’s blog, I do not believe your explanation. There is no technical way you could leave a comment in one place and it being duplicated on another blog.

  6. Padraigh says:


    With reference to the above I would like to very briefly cut in here. I’d appreciate it if you would carefully read between the lines too. Derek has been misinformed… very greatly misinformed. He did not pay an SEO Guru to advise him of this… he took a ‘professional’ company at their word and was then horrified to see his efforts explode in his face.

    I can attest to this because I have ‘very’ personal experience with that very same company. From a professional standpoint I will not elaborate on this on a public forum… certainly not Damien Mulleys public forum! 😉

    Derek is a Printer not a search marketer. When one agrees to pay a professional company for consultancy one expects that the work and information derived would be of sufficient quantity and quality to produce a beneficial result.

    Needless to say such advice (and I might add the huge expense which accompanied it) has now been identified for what it is. That said from this point on the direction Derek will take will be dictated by ‘real’ advice on the use of blogs, forums and social networking. If you are looking for a culprit in this please look to the Doctor and not the patient.

    As Sabrina has already identified the Doctor I can only suggest you evaluate the credentials of this organisation and decide for yourself. Either way it is perhaps not the best tact for a company with what is in fact a pretty good service at a reasonable price trying to move from a bricks and morter model to new media to be taken apart for what they were assured was a professional tact.

    I’ll say no more about this other than personally I will never have anything to do with this particular Doctor again. BTW you will have guessed that I AM DEFINITELY using a fake name… but if you email me I’ll give you the low down… you’ll be as sick as a dog when you realise WTF is going on here.

  7. Damien says:

    Read the date on this post.

  8. Padraigh says:

    Yes I know… I can’t comment over your blog though… I’ll mail you instead.