Lucinda Creighton’s Website got hacked

Have a look here and here and here. If all evidence removed, you can still see how the blog part of the site was hacked by looking at the RSS feed here.

9 Responses to “Lucinda Creighton’s Website got hacked”

  1. Burkie says:

    nice to know FG care about the big issues like Gluskabe, just wish it was me who could have installing the blog for her for just under a grand 😉

  2. Ouch, she’s using WordPress 2.3. There are known vulnerabilities in that version that were fixed in 2.3.1! She should change her passwords, remove or verify her existing install is ok and upgrade asap.

  3. Alex Leonard says:

    Amazing that the pages are still active – has no one mentioned it to her? It’s not like it takes a lot of work to delete the pages.
    (Someone should tell her to switch to pretty permalinks too!)

    So the 2.3.1 upgrade is important then 😉

    Glad I’ve switched all of our sites over.

  4. Rahood says:

    No need to deeplink , just go straight to the front page.

    /checked PROC our today? the bit after the html tag is closed……..


  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    They seem more like rather boring test posts to me.

  6. Irishguy says:

    Ouch. Somebody’s pissed off with her.

  7. braz says:

    Seems a prompt response by the lady to the story as the site is down, so I guess they must have read Donncha’s comment and are fixing it up. Did read it earlier, but it was more weird posts than anything else so maybe they’re ironing out the bugs.

    If you were going to hack the site, they would have done the p0rn thing as the lovely deputy must be one of the easiest in the Dail to match to more shall we say `artistic’ images.

  8. roosta says:

    You think they’d throw a wee dash of a style sheet on their under construction page. I mean, how hard can it be?

  9. Roy says:

    it’s all been removed I missed it……any screen shots?