Fluffy links – Friday November 9th 2007

I’m not really here. I’m in Wicklow. This is a post written on Wednesday.

I’ll be at Mashup Camp in Dublin all weekend, will you? Here’s who’s going.

On Monday I’ll be taking my first trip to Phantom towers to talk about blogging on the radio. Sometime after 2. Do tune in.

4 Responses to “Fluffy links – Friday November 9th 2007”

  1. Le Catch says:

    Great stuff Damien! Hope you enjoy your visit! (to Phantom Towers that is)

  2. Dave Davis says:

    Make sure you give us a reminder Monday morning.

    Might see you tomorrow at mashupcamp.

  3. 73man says:

    Come on Damien, none of us are really HERE.

  4. uvox says:

    Well, what do you think of Mashup Camp Dublin so far…?