Oct 2007 EU Report on broadband – Ireland still not near the EU average

Report here.

But that won’t stop Evil Eamon Ryan telling more lies or ComReg or eircom or all the rest. Wait for the excuses. “Data is too old” “Data does not take into account 40,000 new mobile connections” “But but our growth rate”. “The Rural broadband tender will solve it all”

Data is from July 2007. Same time period as all the rest.
Mobile broadband so far has been a sham, it’s wireless dialup, not broadband.
Ah yes, growth rate. Here’s the headline girls: ” Proportionally growth was highest in Denmark (7.7 lines per 100 inhabitants), Luxembourg (7.1 per 100) and Ireland (6.7 per 100).”
We’re being outgrown on these rates by two countries already ahead of us and already with fantastic penetration rates.
The Rural Broadband Scheme/National Broadband tender is failure before it starts.

Also, look at the EU penetration rate:

Average penetration (number of subscribers per population) has grown from 14.9% to 18.2%

The EU penetration graph is like an accordion stood on its side. With the top part being stretched up, with less stretching in the middle and feck all at the bottom. The top performers (not us) are actually growing faster than us and away from us. It’s a shame the EU report does not show the growth rate for every country.

Some graphs:
EU broadband report

EU broadband report II

One Response to “Oct 2007 EU Report on broadband – Ireland still not near the EU average”

  1. I had a moment of stark realisation recently when a friend of mine living in Belfast said he’s getting 8mb broadband from BT for the princely sum of £20/m (which is around €28.50).

    I’m currently paying €55/m for 3mb’s from BT Ireland. So that’s almost double the price for nearly a third of the speed.

    To be honest, I hadn’t realised people so close were getting it so much better. Ridicules.