Rigging the Irish Election Part 1 – Create cells of organisers

Rigging the Irish Election in 5 easy steps

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This is a cynical and satirical blog post series on how to skew opinion and create a movement which will get your candidate elected or get another candidate to lose an election. It will outline methods using existing technologies and techniques used by other political animals in other countries, which the technology backwards Ireland has so far failed to use. While a cynical look at mass manipulation of people and the media, it does outline the massive power of technology and how it can be used to abuse the political process if people are not award of how this abuse can be carried out.

Each part in this series relies on a software platform called E.A.B. which is a little like the SAP Customer Relationship Management enterprise application. The E.A.B. system is essential for each one of the five parts in the plan to rig the Irish Election.

1. Create cells of organisers – Reach

Irish politics has shown that there is a core set of voters in each party that will vote along party lines no matter what. There really isn’t much to do with these core people apart from making sure that they get out to vote when the time is right and also to help perpetuate propoganda when required. Die-hard supporters are far too rabid and transparent to be used for most of the steps to persaude voters to vote for your candidate and are best avoided. Those swing voters that got the Labour Government in to power, the swing voters that got Bill Clinton and George Bush are also the ones that need to be targeted. However in an environment where everyone is cynical about politics, trying to engage these people directly will more than likely be futile. Like bloggers influenced by their peers to go and buy technology, these people need to be influenced by people in their social groupings that they rely on (whether they realise it or not) when it comes to decision making.

The E.A.B. system’s Reach module allows the creation of cells of subtle volunteers, who in turn are in charge of influencing 50 people in their social grouping who would be classed as swing voters. These 50 people are all profiled and their constituency and social status are logged in the database. Also whether they are registered to vote. This is the important differentiation compared to the traditional systems. Previous to this it is all about working the streets and estates of a constituency trying to influence people with posters and flyers and knocks on the door. But by using the swing voter’s existing friends to influence their decisions, it is more powerful but at the same time much harder to track, unless of course you use modern technology. The Reach system can then track how many swing voters are being influenced.

When polling data is fed into E.A.B. it can identify areas of weakness for the party and the candidate and can alert the cell members to stealthly increase their campaigning. The Reach module automatically sends out data to all the cell members than can be used to influence their people. The data includes intelligent, independent style essays on health and the economy and other issues that concern the electorate as well as issues that the electorate should feel concerned about. Issues that the party and the candidate has the best solution for. All these essays would each match the plans of the party and the candidate. None of these essays would ever be linked to the party or the candidate. It is understood they would remain private but can be used as thought pieces in conversations and communications with swing voters. They can also be rehashed to be used in blog posts. As well as serious essays, the data sent would also include summaries of embarassing episodes on the opposition parties and local candidates, inconsistencies with previous statements from the opposition, spin to be used to combat negative publicity for the party and candidate they’re supporting and it will also include jokes, pictures and videos which make a mockery of the opposition and which can be passed on to friends.

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13 Responses to “Rigging the Irish Election Part 1 – Create cells of organisers”

  1. Keith says:

    Oooh. I’m looking forward to the rest of this already!

  2. cian says:

    With a little tinkering that cellular organisation could be expanded to add dynamics on the ground too. Irish elections can often boil down to the numbers of people that one has on the ground knocking on doors and doing the slog work.

    A cellular organisation like that controlled via an EAB style system could actually decentralise the tasks of delivery and canvassing away from TDs (in the case of small details) and allow for the coveted 5-year presence and delivery which is so essential at swinging votes.

    If the system could track ‘swinging votes’ on both strands then it would be an amazingly powerful piece of kit. Not at all cynical and manipulative 😉

  3. dahamsta says:

    As I’ve said before, there’s a much easier way to take over the country.

    1. Organise coup d’etat for March 17.
    2. Profit.


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  7. steve white says:

    I though Irish parties already have scarily accurate reports on how people voted…that use for canvassing etc

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  11. Wolfe Tone says:


    A Sunday Tribune article on 11 November 2007 by Shane Coleman and Odran Flynn, noted the anomolies in the 2007 general election, where turnouts rates of 98% in cases were simply not believable considering latest census figures.

    Next year Ireland gets to vote on the EU “Reform” Treaty. Looking closely at the provisions of the treaty, and its history the following points are worth making:

    France and the Neatherlands voted NO in 2005, becuse they had a chance to read the EU Treaty or “Constitution” as it was called then in one simple document. After the NO vote came in, the EU decided to chop the treaty up and stick it in as amendments to other existing treatys, and then give it to the Irish. Now, in order for the Irish to read the EU Treaty we will have to have to hand no less than 4 different documents, all cross referenced, making it virtually unreadable and incomprehensible, which appears to have been the intention. This is DECEPTION at the highest level.

    If Ireland vote this EU Treaty in, then it is in for good. France and Neatherlands have not been allowed to vote on this again by referendum. Current figures show that approximatly 67% of their populations vioces have been silenced as a result. The reality is that the majority of the EU population is willing us to vote NO, but have no voice to tell us this, such as a mainstream media outlet.

    Due to the privatisation requirements in the EU Treaty, corporations stand to make a lot of money all around Europe through contracts on healhcare, educations and other public services. These corporations are foaming at the mouth for a yes vote, as their legal mandate is to make profit, cost us what it may.

    The provisions of the Euratum Treaty and emphasis on Nuclear generated energy that is embedded in this EU Treaty, confirm the priority of uranium as a source of energy. Considering that only a very few interests, have control over 80% of the worlds uranium production, and that these interests are embedded within the EU financial, legal and power structures, it appears that these interests are stacking the Treaty provisions in their favour, rather than in the interests on EU citizens which would be for sustainable methods of energy production. Little emphasis for sustainable energy production is contained in the EU treaty, as the commodities required for them are natural and free. Third world countries are only too aware that most of the uranium is mined in thei back yards, and the implications for them is clear given historical record of European Imperialism.

    More worrying is that the new EU treaty calls for mandatory increases in military spending for each member state to come online with US foreign policy objectives. Given the history of lies that we have ben force fed about reasons for invading weak nations to gain economic advantage, and the obvious money making racket that the weapons industry has proved itself to be, this provision flies in the face of all moral compasses, and every peace objecive ever made. How doublehanded it will be when the political henchmen turn to us, having triumphantly disarmed the north, gained their nobel peace prizes, and propose rearming again again to terrorise someone else at the expense of monetory resources we require for child and cancer care among many other needs. Should we not be investing in prosthetics for the little children whose limbs have been ripped of their bodies by the very bombs that have been made in this country by Ratheon et al. in Derry.

    More worrying still is the new legal status the EU will obtain, and the VETO power it gains, taking power away from individual states, enabling the EU as an entity with its newly established “Battlegroups” and legal framework to act independantly of and more superior to its member states.

    The EU Treaty allows for further amendments without referendum, thus undermining democracy.

    Considering the implications of the above short summary, and potential gains to financial and power structures, would it be concievable that some scurrulious individuals would be willing to ensure that the Referendum here produces a Yes vote, regardless of what the Irish actually vote?

    Some uncompromising financier somewhere has to have already come up with a plan of attack that will render this referendum a moot issue.

    On a mainstream media level, the subliminal messages on the EU have been coming this an fast in the shape of EU and one world symbolism, funded by the EU commission itself.

    Should we not protect our constitution, or whats left of it, from further depredation, and honour what we as a nation had lost so many lives for?

    In order to do this what provisions should we be demanding of our government officials whose job it is to protect the voting integrity of the referendum?

    Things have changed a little since my time, and I may need a little assistance with these blackguards.

    Yours very sincerely and respectively,

    Wolf T.

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