Irish Politics Aggregator updated

My own little addition to online Irish Politics, Politics In Ireland is an aggregator that Rob built for me last year. It’s now been rebuilt from the ground up by John and covers all the current TDs once again. As well as a new design, there’s widgets so you can stick a mini version of the site on your blog sidebar for your politician, party or constituency of choice.

You can also subscribe to the site by email or RSS and there is an Irish Politics wordpress plugin too which will link to the pages of the TDs that you mention on your blog.

If you’re feeling generous, I’d love if you could link to Politics In Ireland from your own blog or give it a mention in a blog post. Ta very much.

9 Responses to “Irish Politics Aggregator updated”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    Just a small suggestion. Do you think you could put the new posts in a tiny box on the side in a barely legible font?

  2. eastmeath says:

    Where’s Meath East?

  3. manuel says:

    26 or 32 counties? Does the internet recognise the border? What?

  4. Manuel: The North is a different country, and has a very different political system; adding it would make the site needlessly confusing.

    Damien: How about 🙂

  5. Aggregating Politics, Getting Political…

    A review of Statcounter over the weekend showed some activity on the blog here, coming through Politics in Ireland in search of the discussion over Keola Donaghy on KCLR on Friday afternoon. Likely, this is due to the mention of a particular Labour …

  6. steve white says:

    could you include a list of the TDs in specific the constituencies on each of the constituencies pages…

    hows does it decide whether something is about a td or just seen on?

    why not make it a news aggregator too cos half the blog post are simple repost of news items, and whens to looking for some constituencies and TDs news on them is few and far between.

    cool anyway as i said for trying to spot news of my quieter local tds

  7. steve white says:

    oh yes include ‘dublin north east’ or ‘dublin north west’ etc etc in the search term… ta