Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 12th 2007

Congrats to John on his launch fo SocialMedia.net

Elevator Love Letter – Might feed your Blogorrah needs. Certainly catty enough. Props to Oisin for alerting me to this.

New Irish blog on Satnav stuff.

Think I’ll get this 1TB portable hd, though 500GB for 99 euros is nice too.

Gotta love Vista

Ooops. Google accidently released a private video on the future of Google Reader and feeds.

Cos we all want fake sunroofs.

Via Una, forget the story about that gobshite Kathy Griffin, the bit I like is that the sketch Dick in a box won an Emmy but the Emmy people did not know how to present the win. Here’s the origina, yeah 26Million views:

Via the Rickster, is this fantastic trailer for the horror flick Black Sheep, first we had Snakes on a Plane, now we have mutant killer sheep:

Sharron Shannon was on the radio yesterday and talked about an Irish dancer/freestyler called Nathan Pilatzke that dances at her show, this is a mySpace video of Nathan and his brother John:
dancing part 1
And them on YouTube:

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  1. Tom Raftery says:

    Damien, I’d avoid WD drives – see the comments on my Western Digital experience for more