Personal Domain Names come to Ireland – Kinda

Straight from the PR company of the Irish Domain Registry:

From Wednesday, 31st October, 2007, if you are John P. Smith you can get one of the following domains on a first come, first serve basis:

An applicant named ‘John Paul Smith’ can register the following alternatives:

· [first name / surname]
· [first name / middlename / surname]
· [first name / hyphen / surname]
· [first name / hyphen / middlename / hyphen / surname]
· [first name / middle initial / surname]
· [first name / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
· [first initial / surname]
· [first initial / middle initial / surname]
· [first initial / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
· [first initial / hyphen / surname]
· [first initial / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
· [middle name / surname]
· [middle name / hyphen / surname]
· [middle initial / surname]
· [middle initial / hyphen / surname]


To obtain a Personal Domain Name (PDN), applicants will need to supply any one of the following documents. The name in the document supplied must match exactly the domain name applied for eg a document showing Mr. John Smith is not acceptable if the domain name required is

Irish applicants:-

· Irish passport

· Irish driver’s licence

· Irish revenue / social welfare document showing PPS number

· Irish birth certificate

· Irish marriage certificate

· Irish utility bill (e.g: NTL, Chorus, SKY / ESB, Airtricity / Bord Gais / Eircom / Vodafone, O2, Meteor, 3 – bill pay phones only).

Northern Ireland applicants:-

· UK driver’s licence with Northern Ireland address.

· HM Revenue & Customs / Northern Ireland Social Security Agency document showing National Insurance number

· Northern Ireland birth certificate

· Northern Ireland marriage certificate

· Northern Ireland utility bill (e.g: NTL, Chorus, SKY, UTV Internet / NIE, Airtricity / British Gas / BT / Vodafone, O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, BT – bill pay phones only).

26 Responses to “Personal Domain Names come to Ireland – Kinda”

  1. Tom Young says:

    Well fact is you can get them already if you can work through the Krud that IEDR have in their Code of Practice. Its nothing new, just a reduction in the barrier to entry to having domains. While I can’t agree with IEDR regulation by the brain trust at ComReg, if this is an advanced move to stem the tide of full regulation, then great.

    Their ENUM offering is quite ok too.

  2. Keith says:

    Or you could just declare yourself an independent politician and send in a letter saying so…

  3. Rick says:

    No for me so…. 🙁

  4. Matt says:

    Are they still going to charge 70 poxy Euro for registering the domains though?

  5. 70 euro is only the direct price – resellers like do it for about 25 euro.

  6. @Tom: Up until now, you could only get it if it was a personal trading name, you were a politician, or if you tried from craziness with acronyms

    Matt, they haven’t charged that in ages. Obviously, you’re buying them from somebody who’s looking to take your firstborn for a .ie domain. And nobody in their right mind buys direct from the IEDR.

    Now, this is perilously close to advertising (because I work for them), but Blacknight charge €45 for a .ie domain, and a .ie transfer, which will extend your registration for a year, costs €40:

    @Rick: You could maybe get it as a discretionary domain. I don’t fancy your chances though…

  7. Stephen McCarron says:

    You could always get your own name if you were happy to spend 30 euro at and get a registered business name also.

  8. Damien says:

    Down to 20 quid now I think Stephen. Cheaper again!

  9. Stephen McCarron says:

    Wow – who is doing for 20 euro?

  10. Damien says:

    Ooops, I meant the CRO.

  11. Stephen McCarron says:

    Hey, that’s cool (/me heads off to think about all those crazy .ie’s a 20 quid cro cert would get 😉 🙂 )

  12. There’s also Let’s Host, who do it for €24.99, can’t forget them.

  13. Donal says:

    Yep, it’s €20 to do it online.

    Is Blacknight the cheapest for .ie? I haven’t seen anything cheaper.

  14. Stephen McCarron says:

    Cough – (only €25.95 for .ie domains)

  15. Michele says:


    We’ve always passed on savings where possible. We’re currently not the cheapest, but we’re the only company that consistently passes on savings 🙂

    We’re currently the cheapest for .mobi domains 🙂


  16. It’s €20 to registered a business name (RBN) online, but someone still has to go into the bloody CRO office to hand in the signature and get the receipt for payment.

    Stupid CRO……….

  17. Stephen McCarron says:

    You should be able to print off the online application (or pdf it) and use that to secure the .ie domain name.

  18. Adam says:


    I registered a business name with the CRO online earlier this year and didn’t have to leave my couch (although I did, because it took a short while to process, but the point is I didn’t have to).

    Assuming you have a DC/CC and register with CORE it should all be do-able online.

  19. Adam says:

    Hit submit too quickly there.

    So who’s the cheapest of them all for .ie domain registrations (and just the domain regs, I’d be looking to park one or two for now without having to get hosting etc. atm)

  20. Stephen McCarron says:

    Cheapest company with Irish based servers is at 25.95 ex VAT

  21. I’m waiting for Daft Dave to get in on the act. Monkey, sell those registrations for €9.99!

  22. Damien says:

    Cheapest company with Irish based servers

    Cheapest company with a dog called Sparky
    Cheapest company with a manager called Dave
    Cheapest company with a nonsensical name.

    C’mon everyone, have your turn: Cheapest company with ….


  23. Adam says:

    I wonder who Stephen works for…!

    Seriously though, thanks for that – although I do have a bit of a dislike for prices advertised minus VAT (unless it’s something that is always going to be for business use only). This ain’t the US of A.

    I mean, if it is the best .ie domain price you don’t need to cover it up with VATless listings, right?

    So for us normals without the ability to take away VAT you’re looking at, what… €31 plus change?

  24. Damien says:

    Fuckit, the next person who displays prices ex vat will have their comment deleted and depending on my manic like moods, I might just ban ye. My blog is not a business website, this is not ex-vat land.

  25. Stephen McCarron says:

    Georgie Casey has put together an excellent table of all the ‘table A’ IEDR resellers and their prices -WITH- VAT included 🙂 🙂

  26. Adam says:

    Stephen: So what you’re saying is that is actually the cheapest .ie reseller when you factor in VAT across the board?

    Thanks for clearing that up; all in all it means €50 to get a .ie domain now, which is pretty decent!