Updating Links – Want a link?

It’s that quarter of the year again where I will be updating the blogroll/links on the right of this blog. If you are not on the list and want to be included, please let me know in the comments. Then when I will forget about a few of you (oh trust me, my mind blanks at times) do remind me via email or via another comment. 🙂

34 Responses to “Updating Links – Want a link?”

  1. Hi Damien – our new blog is up over at poetryireland.ie 🙂

  2. Hi Damien,

    Can you add me to your blogroll? (Anything for a bit of extra traffic 🙂 )


  3. JL Pagano says:

    Ah sure go on so, stick me on your list if ye want I’ll let ya.

  4. Hi Damien, a link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Branedy says:

    I must annoy you more than I thought.

  6. 73man says:

    Ah go on, you know you want to.

  7. MacDara says:

    Id be more than happy if you gave me the link.

  8. John Cav says:

    A link would be most appreciated sir. Only if you see fit, of course.

  9. ManicMammy says:

    “Me, me, me” jumping up and down. Sound familiar? 😉

  10. Colm Doyle says:

    Ah sure why not. Can’t go wrong with a link of the King of Irish Blogs..

  11. Conor Lynch says:

    Hey Mr. Mulley
    In keeping with your superb dedication to photobloggers, the semifinalist could do with an old plug.
    Why not have a sub section for new blogs??

  12. If you put currychips up there, I’ll leave a flaming box of hogshit on your doorstep.

    If you don’t put currychips up there, I’ll turn up on your doorstep with the hog, the box, a bottle of hooch, a cadburys milk tray and a zippo.

  13. aidan says:

    A link would be great, thanks!

  14. cabogue says:

    If your name’s not down…

  15. Eolai says:

    You’ve been very good and Fluffy-Linked it, but I’d be even more grateful if American Hell made it to the sidebar. Even if it has been dormant for a week or so – It will be based in Ireland in a couple of days.

  16. If there’s space there, I’d love a link. They’re my favourite.

  17. Rick says:


    You know you still don’t have a link for me even though I have toiled in your awards mines for the last two years….



  18. manuel says:

    Yes, yes please sir…

    and the other place too, icanhaswayterz.blogspot.com

    cheers, thanks n that…

  19. Damien says:

    Ok, everyone so far has been added. More more more!

  20. Hey damien if you can squeeze another link in there too thanks:)

  21. Gracias for el linko.

  22. Would appreciate the link, but only if you see fit.


  23. macdara says:

    I am going to add you all too its such a good idea.

  24. Donal says:

    If this is still open, have a look and if you think it’s of interest you might add a link.

  25. Hope you have space for our new group blog Mr Mulley. Thanks!

  26. hello there Mr Mulley.

    please link me too if you can

    thank you very much etc

  27. 73man says:

    Ta for the addition.

  28. Donal says:

    Many thanks for the link

  29. Sean says:

    Would appreciate a link! 😉 heh

  30. quovadis says:

    Still here and still reading and if it’s not too late, would love a link!

  31. Hey we’d love a link too if its not late 😉

  32. Deborah says:

    If ya don’t mind. I’m already on there, just the wrong link! Thanks much!

  33. AvoidingLife says:

    Raises hand! Would be most appreciated if you have the room.