Karlin Lillington Challenge: She denies she said theres 90% coverage, yet I have the mp3

Still day 3 and since Karlin Lillington continues to selectively quote me on her blog but refuses to let my comments through, I’d like to point out that she cannot even recall what she said on her Newstalk slot the other day. Now she is backing away from the 90% broadband coverage statement on her blog saying she never said that:

In addition, let me make this very clear: I did NOT state the there was 90% coverage in Ireland, and I did NOT accept this statement either. However I was NOT the interviewer for the piece, and I do not ever control the direction of interviews or shows

If you listen to the mp3 of the tech slot, she says the following around 4 minutes 15 seconds.

A question that goes a long way with this whole issue of coverage and the takeup and our low takeup is whether there isn’t a larger question of why we don’t have the penetration despite a 90% coverage

10 Responses to “Karlin Lillington Challenge: She denies she said theres 90% coverage, yet I have the mp3”

  1. Muck says:

    Drat Drat and Double Drat and at least 90% Coverage of Drattitude .

    She has now closed her blog for 10 days ( this weekend followed by one full week) and no doubt hopes it will all have gone away by then 🙁

    A Bit of Good Weather does have that effect in the Irish BlogoSpheroidCapsulerocracy

    /me is not happy at all

  2. Thaedydal says:

    This is the final straw I had found her to be farcical before this but this just confirms that she is her own ‘lifestyle’ reporter rather then a tech jouralist.

  3. JL Pagano says:

    Why don’t you two just get a room for God’s sake!!! A chat room, of course…

  4. Niall says:

    Who the fuck is Karlin Lillington? Should I care?

  5. The pile-on mentality amuses those who don’t know any of the players. Sometimes we all need to step back from our streams of banter and just get away from the digital world. Some of us ask guests to blog on our sites or to post photos on our pages while we’re gone. I haven’t checked Karlin’s web place but it sounds like she’s got real things to do and blogging isn’t part of the schedule. If you let your comments run amok, you risk doing a Russell (Beattie) and just shutting down the commentary. To each their own, wouldn’t you agree?

  6. David Doran says:

    Go Damien Go!!
    “90% Coverage”, “Not that expensive.” Where is she doing her research?

    Everyone you talk to has problems with broadband or none at all.
    And not that expensive? Maybe it’s fun for you paying as much as the full Sky Package for 1 or 2 meg broadband over wireless in a rural area if you’re lucky.

  7. Damien says:

    Bernie, Karlin is far removed from Russell Beattie. He has a clue, doesn’t start and continue lies cos of a mate and then doesn’t use the whole “I’m being attacked by evil bloggers” bullshit that she has used. It is quite fair and ok to go off and do something far more important than tend to a blog and locking it down makes sense, but removing anything negative as she has done for the past week is spineless when it is combined with blog comments from herself where she slags me off even more. It’s quite unprofessional.

  8. Treasa says:

    Bernie, sorry, that’s a cop out. Karlin is a tech journalist and she has written a piece which can be taken apart by a lot of people who want broadband and are having serious problems getting it. Whether she is there or not for the week she will have to engage with the furore she has caused. Unfortunately, I don’t see her engaging or taking on board any of the valid criticisms that have been made.

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