What a long bloody day

My day in bullet points:

  • Interview on EastCoast FM about Facebook.
  • Train to Dublin.
  • Met Mark from Sublime Wines who wants to give YOU my readers free wine in exchange for reviews of the wine. (More later this week on this).
  • Met friend who works as intern for Hilary Clinton.
  • Got tour of the Dáil.
  • Met RTE TV personality for a cuppa. ;)
  • Got train home.
  • Limerick guys physically attack trolley guy on train, a few mins before ..
  • Interview on train with 98fm about facebook.
    • Blogging is going to be light all week as I am away at the Nokia event.

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4 Responses to “What a long bloody day”

  1. Might catch you in London? (Numbered deleted)

  2. lexia says:

    “Met RTE TV personality for a cuppa.”

    Betcha three green Skittles, it was Ryan Tubrity :)

  3. manuel says:

    “…in exchange for reviews of the wine” HA! A week after I start doing wine reviews. Is the internet big enough to cope? This waiter isn’t sure… but hey free’s free….

  4. “Limerick guys physically attack trolley guy on train”.

    Sounds like something right out of the notorious YouTube video. The scangers!