Golden Spiders does blogs and other categories

Nice to see that the Golden Spiders have recognised blogs as something worth having an award for. Last awards crowd to do it too. So now we have the Blog Awards, the IIA Netvisionary Awards with a blog category, the Digital Media Awards with a blog category and now the Spiders. It’s great to see it happen. Someone asked me today via email what do I think and I welcome it. The more recognition the better and competition between awards shows makes all awards shows better, in my view. I hope they don’t charge people to submit their blog.

5 Responses to “Golden Spiders does blogs and other categories”

  1. Michele says:

    I think they had some form of blog category last year as well, though they may have lumped blogs and personal sites in together.

  2. Piaras Kelly says:

    Pretty sure that it’s 150 euro to be nominated

  3. Twenty Major says:

    Charging €150 for blogs to enter is ridiculous. It’s hardly going to be the best of blogs if that’s the case.

  4. Michele says:

    Twenty / Piaras – I think there are a couple of categories where you don’t have to pay the €150 fee, but I agree. It’s nuts

    I’ve argued (discussed) the entire money side of things with them at length but they just don’t get it.

    If the awards were surviving based purely on the nomination fee it would be one thing, but they aren’t.
    The awards have a headline sponsor (Eircom) and sponsors for each and every category PLUS the nomination fee PLUS the entrance fee on the night.

    Of course there’s no real quality checking on submissions or any proper transparent judging criteria. See:

  5. Sounds like the IFTAs.

    People nominated only recieve 1 ticket to the ceremony, and if they wanted to bring someone, they have to buy a ticket for €250. On top of their submnission fee of €100