Review of Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

The latest quirky comedy/drama from the States in the vein of Wonderfalls, Picket Fences and possibly Ally McBeal

They turned the quirkiness up to 11 on this. Pushing Daisies is about a guy who can bring the dead back to life with a touch but another touch and they die again. Trouble is someone else will die if he lets someone live for longer than a minute.

The main storyline for this show is that he works with a private investigator to solve murders and they do it easily enough by just asking the victims. All in a very quirky manner. A very experienced and fantastic cast might make this fun but I was quite bored by the whole notion of it. Lovely cinematography but it’s like they have some kind of person employed to add more quirkiness to the pot. Think of it liek Deadwood but instead of cunt, cocksucker and fuck every 20 seconds, there’s quirkiness. You might want to murder someone just to get back to normality after watching a block of this. Not for everyone and not for me but worth watching. The first episode for this has been purposely leaked all over the Internet, thus ensuring a nice buzz.

Rated 3/5 on Aug 11 2007 by Damien Mulley
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One Response to “Review of Pushing Daisies”

  1. lexia says:

    Sound interesting. Seems like the PI’s ability and consequences of using it are ripped from HBO’s excellant, and much missed Carnivale. Of course, sans the minute limit.

    Ick, how does the insufferable Anna Friel (ex Brookie) measure up? I’m sure she can’t hold a candle to Swoosie Kurtz.