Irish Tech Vapourware – Making a list

So what were the greatest pieces of Irish Tech Vapourware ever? I asked this on Twitter yesterday. Steorn, Digital Terrestial Television, Broadband via balloons (yes ComReg suggested that), the mobile web, Unison set top box…

For those not friendly with the term, Vapourware is a product that was much hyped and promised but never materialised but is on the way still, no, really, trust us.

Anyone else got suggestions?

10 Responses to “Irish Tech Vapourware – Making a list”

  1. Secure mobile telephony for Gardai on the beat.

  2. MacDara says:

    Quick question . why would my internet shut down every time a cross over a Snap shot link.

  3. Grandad says:

    Anything that actually works without breaking down or crashing all the time?

  4. I actually used a Unison box a few years back and it wasn’t a total nightmare. Could have been a winner if we’d had broadband at the time and it was free/ad-supported. The idea of a browser-only appliance still makes sense particularly in a tiny form factor.

  5. Gav Reilly says:

    If it’s the loose ‘technology’ idea, then those nedap e-voting machines.

    It’s still on the way… promise…

  6. Robert says:

    Errr, Orbo?

  7. Fergus says:

    Let’s hear it for Rondomondo.

    Described as “Ireland’s first dedicated digital media venture”, Rondomondo was launched in 1999 by Telecom Eireann.

    Alfie Kane, Telecom Eireann’s then chief executive, said: “With Rondomondo our aim is to move beyond the Internet and embrace the new media of the Information Age”.

    Rondomondo’s boss Barry O’Neill said: “Rondomondo will build brands and content that will transcend limitations of print, TV and Internet, leading to dynamic convergent titles…”.


  8. bernard says:

    I think for me the best was the Cork telecoms crowd whos name escapes me now.

    They launched to a big fanfare, *never* *ever* did anything but managed to suck alot of people in.

    They were going to get zillions of MeggerBites broadband Internet access down the lines back in 1997-8ish.

    At the time I was on the users list and someone there was working/consulting/receiting magical prayers for them.

    The guy was unable to tell anyone anything, “proprietary advanced telecommunications software” and other such good phrases. I think the guy took a real hit to his cred.

    I wish I could remember the name..21st century something? I know I have a leaflet at home somewhere from them.

    Ah, the Internet is great: Genesis (Europe) ISP..thats the name..and they were “offering” 45Mbit to the home…over phoneline…

    They rock’ed.

  9. bernard says:

    Correction: Genesis Europe ISP was around in 2000-ish