Fluffy Links – Friday July 20th 2007

This is the most fantastically nerdy and clever thing I’ve seen in many a year when it comes to bargain hunting. Use http headers to check how long a car ad has online and with that info leverage your bargaining skills. Brilliant. DIGG it if you want.

Indo talk about eircom splitting up. Something I discussed on Monday. Yay for validation.

Una did some live blogging yesterday. Twenty did it before too. Perhaps Una should take it one step further and sign up to UStream.tv and do live TV from wherever she is. One mobile broadband card, one video camera or Nokia N95 and live UnaRocks.tv 🙂

Just cos:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday July 20th 2007”

  1. poetbloggs says:

    My ears, they are bleeding!

  2. Siobh says:

    Wow. Flashback. We had this on vinyl when I was growing up. The whole album, in fact. I listened to this thing constantly.

    Is it wrong that I’m really enjoying it again?

  3. Trinity says:

    Just cos I am Just Because because I am a smurf lol, but hey I’m not blue! Haven’t heard that tune in yonks.