Handy out – For all those into ego surfing and SEO too!

Dave Davis’ RedFly Marketing is after releasing the egotastic Google Global Firefox Extention which allows you to do a search on Google and then switch to the results lists from all the country specific Googles that exist. For example I am 4th on Google.com for “damien”, currently 1st on Google.ie for “damien” and 5th on Google.co.uk for “damien”. It’s not just been made for us ego nuts though, it’ll be a nice tool for those that optimise their websites in search engines and they can see how they are performing on a country by country basis.

Richard likes it too.

So which Google likes you the most and likes you the least?

Update: Nice one Dave, this made Techmeme:
Google Firefox Plugin

7 Responses to “Handy out – For all those into ego surfing and SEO too!”

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Thanks for the mention Damien. If you or any of your readers have any feedback, I would love to hear it.

  2. Grandad says:

    Grandad lies 7th in Google.com [which ain’t too bad as it’s a common word]

    1st in Google.ie

    6th in Google.co.uk

    But HeadRambles really cleans up! 801 entries in Google.com and as far as I can see, they’re all mine 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Congratulations on the ranking and thanks for the info! Much appreciated 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  4. off to check me now.

    Before I do can I ask *cough cough* if you can update my link please. http://www.irishflirtysomething.com

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  6. Dave Davis says:

    Thanks for teh screenshot Damien. Never thought it would make Techmeme! That’s the closest to Digg we have ever gotten 🙂

    See you at Barcamp Galway.