Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 4th 2007

Happy July 4th and stuff. Flaming Lips in Cork last night was second best show I was ever at. Fan fricking tastic.

Best t-shirt ever?

Check out this World Clock. Time, number of deaths, births, temp of earth and ways people are dying. Fascinating.

Unlock your iPhone here. Hack it here.

Dave Winer’s Twittergram phone-in service seems very like MySay now.

LG are now doing a YouTube phone. Hmm.

Win a free festival t-shirt. Go on. Do. Like.

Check out the Curry 2.0 vids.

Flaming Lips dvd thingy:

10 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 4th 2007”

  1. Damien B says:

    Out of interest, where does the award for “Best Show Ever” go?

  2. Green Ink says:

    No, this is the best t-shirt ever.

  3. Richard Hearne says:

    Curiously, YouTube has removed one of the curry2.0 vids for terms of use violation. Whatever was said by Rob Loch in ‘Rob Loch on investing at Curry2.0.’ was deemed unfit for public consumption…

  4. John Cav says:

    Having seen The Flaming Lips at Electric Picnic two years ago, I am not surprised. An unbelievable live experience… The highlights that night? A toss up between their mental karaoke cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and She Don’t Use Jelly.

    Just one question, what was The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song like live? Do share.

  5. frankp says:

    That best t-shirt ever is certainly at least one of the best t-shirts ever. very nice.

    Did you go to the Flaming Lips in the Marquee? Was it a spectacle? I couldn’t make it 🙁

    And thanks for the link!

  6. Sean Kelly says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah live wasbrilliant….Wayne started talkin bout George Bush and giving out about all the crap politicians in the world, and was like,”now lets all vent our frustration…help us sing this one…jsut go yehyehyehyeh!!”

    They did the first verse all slo, and wayne talkedd a bit de the crowd each time they went yehyehyehyeh “louder!, u can do better!”. Then they launched int o the song properly, and when the ppl went “yeah yeah yeah” it came up “yeah” in all different languages on the big screen. Brilliant. Plus they had the giant hands out for it.

  7. John Cav says:

    Thanks for that Sean. I really wish I was at the gig, but was rather craply without the requisite funds.

  8. Trinity says:

    The Flaming Lips rock! I’m just pissed off I couldn’t make it. Lucky you 🙂

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