Fluffy Links – Monday July 2nd 2007

Back in Ireland and the Fluffy links are back.

Macdara is moving to wordpress. Good. Blog looks much better already.

Pink champagne Sorbet. 20 quid a tub though! Yeah I still will buy it methinks.

Via Clare Dillon is news that the NUI Maynooth team that won the Irish Imagine Cup showcased their entry on the Microsoft Island in Second Life. Nice boost to them. They’re off to Korea now in the world championships. The product they built was an 0ff-the-shelf product that uses webcams to teach people sign language. Very clever in my view. You can read more on their website: www.signal.ie

Oh bollards!

I don’t have interesting neighbours, unlike some.

Flirty has moved to www.irishFlirtySomething.com. Update your bookmarks, if you are all old school and still use them.

I never realised video games and games consoles were banned in Greece. The EU are not liking it either.

7 Hours sitting on the tarmac before their plane set off. Delta are loving this video:

One dead iPhone:

Sufjan, Sylar and John Wayne Gacy Jr.:

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday July 2nd 2007”

  1. Thanks Damien for the mention and glad you like the new look so far. I just need to get more used the the new system and then Well be motoring.

  2. John B says:

    Cheers for the linkfluff Damien. Most traffic I’ve had in a while!

  3. […] Pity this guy after spending his dollars. Good luck calling support man!(Thanks to Damien who spotted the video) […]

  4. Good to see MacDara making the move. His site is one of the more interesting.

  5. That song works really well for silar. There should be a spoiler warning though.

  6. Kieran says:

    Thanks for the link, Damien!

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