Paddys already in the Valley, er, San Fran – The Collison brothers

John Collison added me to his Twitter this evening and with a lil clicking about, I found his blog and his brothers’ blog. Seems these two Irish lads are working at a startup in San Fran called Auctomatic along with a few other people. Auctomatic plugs into eBay and makes the life of a seller easier, I think. Auctomatic is funded by yCombinator and some Angel funding.

Auctomatic are: Harjeet Taggar, Kulveer Taggar, Patrick Collison and John Collison.

Patrick won the Young Scientist in 2005. He only reinvented LISP, dontchaknow. 😉 John is in transition year in school , is that right John?

Update: They have investors that include Paul Buchheit, he of building GMail fame and he of suggesting the “Don’t be evil” Google motto. Imagine having Paul as an investor. Nice.

If Paddy’s Valley happens, we should call in. In fact, maybe they should give us classes?

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  1. […] James Corbett (EirePreneur) – Scoble signs up to PaddysValley. Well, at least he knows well in advance that trip is being arranged. Damien Mulley ( – Paddys already in the Valley. Fantastic to hear that a couple of young Irish guys are getting stuck into a start-up in San Francisco. […]

  2. […] Patrick and John Collison who I mentioned previously here, are featured in the Irish Times this morning. Link. (sub required) Patrick talks about how they started Auctomatic and what they are up to with it. Nice to see something about young tech entrepreneurs in the papers. Might inspire others as well. […]

  3. Hi There,
    im interested to see how these lads get on,
    i will be looking to purchase ebay trading assistant software soon.
    currently looking at auctionsound and meridian.
    want to know if auctomatic is coming soon.