The Officeless Office

Forget paper, when I got my new computer, I consciously decided not to install any Microsoft Office software or OpenOffice. The past 6 months of writing for the Tribune and ENN, I’ve been using Google documents to do so and it has worked out really well. Lots of stuff needs to be fixed to make it a little more usable but for someone that doesn’t need anything complicated but a little bit of formatting, it’s fine. Well it is, until you get this error, which I’ve gotten a good few times in the past few months. When that happens, I fire up Notepad.

Stupid Google Docs

5 Responses to “The Officeless Office”

  1. Yes but….what if alien dogs eat the internet? What if there’s a nuclear war and all the servers get vaporised? What will you do then?

  2. Bon says:

    Maybe Google will add offline support for Docs like they have with Reader, etc. Could potentially save you from losing changes then.

  3. That’s almost certainly in the pipeline; in fact, it seems likely that it’s the original idea behind Gears.

  4. Branedy says:

    Or wait for the full Google operating system 😉

  5. Robert says:

    You want to try Google Gears, it maikes Google Docs work offline.