Sky Handling Partners – The Return – So who’s signing me up for dating websites?

UPDATE: Legal letters sent to me demanding I take this post down.

This morning I noticed someone snooping around my website after coming to the site with the search “sky handling partners”. It has happened before. Now for some background, I have had issues with this crowd losing my baggage. See my Sky Handling Partners are… post.

Just before lunch I started getting email confirmations from dating sites, including gay ones saying my account for their site has now been created. Seems someone was creating profiles saying I was looking to meet men and had rather interesting profile descriptions. One of the emails disclosed the IP address where the person submitted the details from:

A quick reverse DNS shows that the IP allocation of this eircom customer is:

inetnum: –
descr: City Jet Handling Dublin.

City Jet Handling is the former name of Sky Handling Partners. Dun dun dun. Now to be clear, it is not concrete yet that Sky Handling Partners rent this IP but according to the DNS details, it is them. I will check from another source if this lot do not get back to me.

I contacted them before lunch and said I wanted to report abuse coming from that IP. They took my phone number when I asked to speak to a manager. They would not put me through to a manager as requested.

I heard nothing back by 15.55 so I called them back, spoke to a girl who didn’t know anything about this and wanted to take my details. I strongly said I was not going to be called back, let me talk to a manager. After much talking in the background I got put through to another woman who was aware of my complaint and said their IT person was investigating. I asked how, since no details apart from my mobile number were ever taken. They grudingly took details. I really didn’t like the attitude.

I pointed out that signing up to dating websites using my details was fraud and I could happily call the Gardai and let them sort it out. Quoting from Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act,. 2001 to the lady seemed to make her take the matter seriously. I also pointed out I felt that posting untrue details about me on at least 3 websites was not on, especially what was written and I said I felt I was libeled. They took my phone number and said they’d get back to me and again I did not like their noticeablely angry tone. I said they had an hour.

It has now been an hour and they have not contacted me.

What do you think I should do next? (A link to this would be appreciated)

Update: Go here to DIGG this.

Further Update: Big thanks to my Irish Web hosting company – Blacknight who moved me to a new dual quad core server with lots of ram since the post hit the front page of DIGG.

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  1. Bryce says:

    Get your lawyers on their ass.

  2. Ken says:

    Brilliant stuff.

  3. Stewart says:

    way to go Damien!

  4. Richard Logue says:

    I sincerely hope that the press pick this story up.

    Do Sky Handling Partners handle all baggage at Dublin Airport or only for certain airlines? If they do handle for certain airlines only find out what airlines use SHP for their baggage so we can all avoid flying with those airlines….

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  6. dugglas says:

    ‘It has now been an hour and they have not contacted me.

    What do you think I should do next? (A link to this would be appreciated)’

    Have they contacted you yet? keep us posted….such bad customer service, do companies know what a ‘callback’ is these days?!

    they should get rid of the ‘s’ in their name as they clearly don’t know what ‘service’ is & then it looks a bit more appropriate for their gay website signups….

    ky handling with partners

  7. Dan says:

    I think the most important question regarding all of this is…. how many dates have you gotten? 😛

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  9. Jimmy Crack Corn says:

    That sucks man, start legal action and let the lawyers figure it out. Why waste your time with these monkeys… Get what you deserve

  10. David says:

    I would post this on digg, but it’s a wordpress, so would probably overload the server.

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  13. PSFK says:

    Red Coat, Black Coat: Not Even The Companies Are Invisible

    When Damien Mulley complained rather on his blog about Sky Handling Partners at Cork Airport losing his luggage, the baggage handling company seems to have reacted by adding Damien’s details to a number of gay-dating websites…

  14. Paul Browne says:

    I’d like to see CityJet / Sky Handlings response when (not if) this hits the mainstream media.


  15. If somebody wrongs you, thank them…

    … no actually that’s not right. If somebody wrongs you then you make a complaint and it should be dealt with, especially if they are a professional services company. Sadly this doesn’t appear to be the case for Damien Mulley….

  16. joeyjoejoe says:

    Two words: Joe Duffy.
    There’ll be hell to pay if he gets wind of this…..

  17. Bunch of bastards. I hope they’re sh*tting themselves now.

  18. aphrodite says:

    Just what I was thinking too Dan!
    But seriously – for fecks sake!! What a load of ejits. You couldn’t make it up.
    Don’t mess with our Damo

  19. JP Reilly says:

    would be interested in talking to you about this story-Jerome Reilly, Sunday Independent. Email me numbers

  20. Will says:

    I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing the profiles.

    Depending on the location of the sites (US, France, UK or Ireland) you may find that by impersonating you the have commited identity fraud which is a criminal case (possibly covered under anti-terrisim law, which should scare the company a lot)

    Check the profiles on all the dating sites (both gay and straight). If what is said about you is true, it’s not lible. It is however identity fraud!
    If what they say about you is true (e.g. seeking a partner of…) then it’s libel.

    Somehow I can see it making the business pages of a certain paper, but check that it won’t screw up any legal case.

    A PR disaster seems to be arranging itself.

  21. Townygirl says:

    go to the gards. nevermind all that waiting and seeing what they do. fek them, someone there has broken the law and they haven’t the balls to face it. I’d be as mad as hell too…..gogettem!

  22. Hicksman says:

    You should get in touch with The Consumerist

  23. Ashley says:

    Just filing a complaint with the police probably won’t be too effective; make sure the media knows about your legal action, so that it hits the company where it hurts – their reputation. You may be able to sue for defamation of character, but only if you can show some injury you suffered from being posted on gay websites. Since you got confirmation e-mails that you can decline, there’s probably not much injury (although they clearly had the intent to harass you). If you get a bunch of men propositioning you to the point of harassment, then you could probably sue.

  24. Always ask for the name of the person you are speaking to and the name of the person you are having your problem referred to. You need those logged to see if they are being professional about it.

    Good to see that bloggers are supportive in this.

  25. Matthew Dickinson says:

    hilarious… Sky Handling Partners gets my thumbs up

  26. GOD! These bullying Feckers are unbelievable!.You just KNOW its some idiot in a lowly position sedning you the standard take down letter but FFS!.Their system in unsecure either that or they sell personal information and they have the bare faced cheek to reprimand you?.
    F**k ’em.
    proud of you

  27. Elijah says:

    Looks like the Sky Handling Partners site is down. sorry if anyone else has said this already.

  28. Sean R says:

    Contact all the MDs/ CEOs of the airlines in Dublin and Aer Rianta, tell them what’s going on. I don’t think Sky Handling Partners will know what’s hit it. Also contact their parent co in France.

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  30. bobr says:

    They should have used tor to mask their ip address.

  31. tipster says:

    I don’t suppose any of the dating sites threw up any interesting prospects?

  32. Omaniblog says:


    I hope this won’t hijack your life. Fabulous how in 24 hours a worldwide community of interest comes to life. What happened to you could happen to any of us who complain about poor customer service.

    It raised at least the following issues:

    (1) what ethical policy does the company have?
    (2) what training is given to staff on the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour?
    (3) does the company subscribe to the concept of corporate social responsibility? And, if so, how is it changing its culture?
    (4) what value does the company place on its comporate reputation? How does it manage risk?
    (5) How aware is the company of the corporate values of the companies to which it supplies services?

    This incident is perfect for a Sunday paper. It’s also perfect as a case study for Harvard Business School and other MBA courses. Actually we bloggers are writing material for the future case study.

    The company doesn’t blog. Its point of view is dying by the minute. The longer it remains silent, the more it becomes vulnerable to the charge that its greatest default was that it defaulted on its responsibility to protect its reputation and brand. Who would want to be the CEO interviewing for next job? Being asked by the panel: have you ever had to protect your company’s reputation, and what did you do? This company’s senior management seems to me to have a death-wish – a collective ostrich impulse.

    I think a safer pair of hands might be in order for the shareholders, suppliers and employees.

    But do take care of yourself in all this excitement.

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  34. Sky Handling Partners are screwed

    One of Ireland’s biggest bloggers, Damien Mulley, was messed around by Sky Handling Partners on a recent trip back from Copenhagen. They lost his bag and then gave him the complete run around for days. So he wrote it up on his blog as one is enti…

  35. John says:

    You definitely need to make an example of them for doing this… they were privy to your personal details, and used them for a purpose to which you did not agree. This is definitely illegal use of your personal data, and any company doing this needs to be slapped down hard. Stick with it!

  36. Veronica says:

    Report them at Ripoff Report, This kind of story needs global attention. Ripoff Report has enough clout to get these guys to fess up and clean up. Besides, maybe you’ll save someone else a headache.

  37. […] God love these poor fools, I feel almost sorry for the munty headed eejit who thought he was being a clever bollix. Damien’s original post has garnered 138 comments and trackbacks so far, he hit the front page of Digg and his website traffic spiked to 34,000 hits overnight. I’ll wager this second front opened by Sky Handling will garner a hit from BoingBoing, they do love a good ‘customer screwed over by airport/airline/baggage handler’ story. […]

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  39. They probably were simply hacked…

  40. […] By the way, I’m a bit late to the party, but I don’t think Damien will mind some more links. Do him a favour and link to this ridiculous bullshit. To add insult to injury, instead of having a bit of cop-on, the tossers went and sent him a letter asking for the post to be taken down. Now the whole world knows that not only are they devious malicious cunts, they are also stupid dinosaur cunts too. Watch out for the internet, Sky Handling Partners. They even have it on computers these days. […]

  41. kav says:

    Dugged and linked Damien. Shower of cunts, I hope you don’t let up on this.

  42. kav says:

    Dugged and linked Damien. I hope you see this through until they get the public slaughter they deserve in the MSM.

  43. […] Damien wrote a post about this incident and subsequently got to the Digg front page. […]

  44. […] Damien wrote a post about this incident and subsequently got to the Digg front page. […]

  45. Hangar Queen says:

    You are all linkered up Damien.Go for the throat now d’ye hear me?