Why Sky Handling Partners are cunts

Day three of no bag. It seems they say my bag is in Cork yet nobody in Cork Airport says it is. In their infinite fucking wisdom, yesterday my bag was in Dublin when they told me it was flown to London. From Dublin they thought the best route to Cork is to ship if via Birmingham and then Birmingham to Cork. It never got to Birmingham. They don’t know where it is. Cunts. I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor and they’re giving me the run-around.

I got cross with the man on the phone. Not many people have seen me lose it. All of Cork Airport did when I called him on my phone. My phone that is about to die because the charger for it is in my fucking missing suitcase. They tried to pass the buck to Aer Lingus who I called to and were amazingly helpful. Thanks Piaras from Aer Lingus Cork. At least he was able to figure shit out. It seems like it never went to Birmingham as it never was put into some special status that bags without traveling owners have. He thinks it is still in Dublin, the dickheads in Sky Handling Partners don’t know where it is. I don’t appreciate being constantly lied to by Sky Handling Partners and SAS are going to get the full brunt of my anger in the morning. What quality control?

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  1. i think those guys are feature in an itv programme at 9pm tonight.

  2. kn says:

    I lost a bag earlier this year on an aer lingus flight from gatwick to dublin. This is such a routine thing for the staff they just don’t care. I filled in the form at at the airport and got my tracking number. Which didn’t seem to register anything until after I got it which was 3 days or so later, I was phoned by the courier trying to find my gaf. The guy who arrived with mine had a van full of bags and rucksacks, it’s his full time job delivering these things. It will get back to you. But yeah their system sucks big time.

  3. yet DHL can get you a similar sized parcel to anywhere in the world in sub 24hrs.

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  8. […] A few weeks ago Damien Mulley of Irish Blog Awards fame had his bags lost by a company called Sky Handling Partners. He blogged about their subsequent incompetence here (strong language warning) and lo and behold this morning he finds that someone with the same IP address as his friends the handling company has been signing him up to gay dating agencies and writing “interesting” profiles for him. […]

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  13. Rambling Man says:

    good man damien ! i hope you get your bag back and HOOYAH for pointing out the shite customer service that some of these companies give. there appears simply not to be the processes in place for dealing with anything out of the ordinary. a bit of lateral thinking on their behalf is obviously beyond some of these people.

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  20. […]    His article, written on June 4th, was critical of the baggage handling and elicited responses from many sympathetic to his plight and by some who had similar experiences.  But, what is making this news today is the invasion of his privacy seemingly conducted through a Sky Handling Partners company computer.  It appears they used the Internet to try to harass, embarass, and cause harm to Mr. Mulley’s reputation by using his personal information on various websites after requesting that he remove his blog from the popular site. […]

  21. […] My one hope is that I don’t end up in the same situation as Damien Mulley and his wandering baggage. He is so pissed off that he’s resorted to a potty mouth post that made even this hardened traveller wince. But I understand why. Damien’s attracted the attention of some legal eagles. But sometimes there are worse things than either I or Damien have endured. As Bernie Goldbach writes: Shortly after leaving Shannon, passengers noticed “a tidal wave of sewage” spilling from under the toilet doors. […]

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  23. […] Those of you who read any Irish blogs anywhere will have, at one point or another, come across Damien Mulley, a founder member of lobby group IrelandOffline and technology writer for the Sunday Tribune – as well as being one of Ireland’s foremost bloggers. Well, Damien went on a return flight to Copenhagen from his native Cork earlier this month – and on the way back had his bag lost by the handling agent, Sky Handling Partners (formerly City Jet Handling). Damien was, understandably, irate with how much SHP were basically fucking him around and made it very obvious to the few Customer Service Reps he got to speak to. […]

  24. Certifried says:

    The greatest thing about this whole story is found when googling “sky handling partners”. The first 2 links are their webpage, everything after that is about Damien 🙂

  25. […] So Mulley phoned them and complained like fuck (as you do).  Did Sky Handling Partners respond to his request as a normal customer-oriented service company might?  Eh, that would be a no.  The next thing hat happened was, apparently, their IT department started signing him up to questionable spam dating websites.  Or maybe not.  Maybe he’s lying and he made all this shit up. […]

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  27. jmb says:

    The original issue of losing the bag has got lost in the storm of controversy of the dating web site signup – but why does Damien think that his bag was going to get any special treatment? It appears that SKy Handling Partners response was dreadful. Bags get lost – fact of life.

    I have had lost bags on a number of occasions – I wasn’t happy with the length of time it took to get them back or responses, 3 months in one case. The lost baggage system is woefully inadequate.

    Mouthing off over the phone is unlikely to produce a useful response.

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  29. demtse says:

    i have lost my luggage 2 days ago in dublin coming from atlanta to copenhagen…it so annoying…they dont even want to talk to me…i dont know what to do…do u have any advice ?