SAS are also cunts – SAS as in Scandinavian Airlines

Day three and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) tells me their customer support line is only open from 9am to 10am, 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 530pm. They insist you only email them or fax them if your bag is lost cos they care that much. I think I’ll fax them a picture of this blog post. Hello you cunts, by the time you read this it will be four days of not having my bag. Sky Handling Partner says now my bag is not in Dublin and it is NOT in Birmingham but perhaps it is in Cork. No, maybe it isn’t there either they have now said. Sky Handling Partner still won’t let me talk to their supervisor because she only works during the day. Time to start registering domains…

5 Responses to “SAS are also cunts – SAS as in Scandinavian Airlines”

  1. Gamma Goblin says:

    No wonder keeps going down…. its drowning in cunts!

  2. Gamma Goblin says:

    No wonder keeps going down…. its drowning in cunts! I suspect a few things are annoying you lately 🙂

  3. Des says:

    Hmm.. time to take out the old swearbox Damien… 😉

  4. […] En irländsk bloggare, Damien Mulley, flög med SAS frÃ¥n Köpenhamn tillbaka till Irland. Tyvärr blev han av med sitt bagage och skrev, efter att ha väntat nÃ¥gra dagar pÃ¥ bagaget, ett inte sÃ¥ glatt blogginlägg om saken. NÃ¥gon pÃ¥ det företag som sköter bagagehanteringen, Sky Handling Partner, läste inlägget och kom pÃ¥ den kreativa idén att registrera Damien Mulley pÃ¥ nÃ¥gra datingsidor. Och sedan ville, förstÃ¥s, företaget att Damien Mulley skulle ta bort blogginläggen. […]

  5. Ryan says:

    how cuntish can u get . i hate wanker companies like that. but there is just so frustrating because you cant do anything. best of luck tho..see if they can pay for the electric you have wasted fax ing them xx