At least they’re Flickring behind closed doors

Update: Twittering inside the Green Event. Rebeltastic! Updates live 🙂

The Green Party Flickr account shows two new photos inside the closed doors special meeting of the Green party. I believe bloggers asked to attend and got told no. Shame. The Press Office did email bloggers to let them know of the photos though. Tease.

Green Party Special Convention

Update: Blog post from Ciarán. (See what I’m doing? Using his first name like we’re blog buddies or something. Makes it look like I in some way have his ear. 😛 )

Anyway, good blog post, very optimistic and lovely final quote:

sometimes the devil has all the best tunes

Reference to his deal with the devil blog post? 🙂

10 Responses to “At least they’re Flickring behind closed doors”

  1. Daithí says:

    “I believe bloggers asked to attend and got told no. Shame.”

    They didn’t refuse bloggers because they were bloggers, they refused non-Green-member-bloggers because they aren’t members of the Green Party. If journalists or architects or artists or redheads asked they would get the same answer…

    This meeting is (I believe) a members-only affair; I think they’re entitled to their private meetings. It’s nothing to do with blogging 🙂 and at least the members get to have a say, as opposed to Fianna Fáil (there were no bloggers in their parliamentary party meeting either, other than Noel Dempsey).

  2. Daithí says:

    On the other hand I’d give at least one limb to be there. But I can see why they want to keep it private, and the Greens are on the good side of the openness spectrum in general.

  3. Rob says:

    What, ELECTRIC light? At the Green party conference? Next you’ll be saying that some of them arrived in cars!

  4. Damien says:

    Ooops, I didn’t mean to make it sound like they excluded bloggers because they were bloggers. I just meant some of the crew asked to go and they said no. I was hoping since they are into blogging now and they even have their own press mailing list for bloggers, that they’d invite them along. I wonder had I joined the Green Party yesterday, would I have been allowed go? 🙂

    And yeah, it’d be intriguing to see how something like this would be debated. Typhoid McKenna was on RTE a few minutes ago making a fuss over the whole thing and a deal with FF. She said she’s probably vote no. Why be constructive when you can be sensationalist, eh Typhoid?

  5. Don’t forget we have tweets coming from inside the building.

  6. Daithí says:

    I don’t think McKenna has ever voted yes to anything? Anyway, “Typhoid” – dare I ask?

  7. Damien says:

    Conor O’Neill’s nickname after the whole MMR shite.

  8. Brian Greene says:

    photo reminds me of “close encounters”
    is this their close encounter

  9. Daithí says:

    Just live on RTÉ. 86%.

  10. tipster says:

    From one of the twitterers: “There are a lot of green party member who are civil servants they’re all asking very specific questions on policy. A bunch of realos i say.

    Interesting claim that a lot of the GP members are civil servants. If it’s true it would be a breach of civil service regulations (unless they’re all in very junior grades).