Genius. LouderVoice will now take reviews via txt message

As James pointed out, Conor from LouderVoice has done a little hack so that if you have a Twitter account you can now review something via a txt message and it gets put on his LouderVoice review aggregator. You can also of course send in the review via IM or the web. So Conor sent in this review via Twitter and it turned into this review on his site.

That’s really really clever. Next up has got to be a Facebook implementation I suppose? Well done Conor.

3 Responses to “Genius. LouderVoice will now take reviews via txt message”

  1. FaceBook? Ssshshhhhhhhhhhhhh, do you want the whole world to know? No sleep for a week now.

  2. Paul Sweeney says:

    anybody interested in doing a kind of voice option here? we will be opening up an alpha release in a few weeks.

  3. Andrew says:

    The steak is dry. Disappointed.