Look what I found on the YouTubes – Mario “Gift Grub” Rosenstock

Via the Indo:

The lawyer for radio comedian and Gift Grub star Mario Rosenstock yesterday strongly denied his client has ever been arrested or charged and has questioned the authenticity of a new dramatic video clip of his client.

Well, is this authentic?

No doubt Uncle Raybo D’Arcy will suggest it is a fake.

The denial comes as the video clip, reportedly taken while Mr Rosenstock was at a Dublin Garda station, has been obtained by the Sunday Independent. The clip has not yet made it to internet sites like YouTube or Blogorrah but has in the past few days been circulating on mobile phones.

All change!

3 Responses to “Look what I found on the YouTubes – Mario “Gift Grub” Rosenstock”

  1. Gamma Goblin says:

    Who listens to TodayFM anyway?

  2. Fence says:

    You’d have to wonder about the Indo article, wouldn’t you “The clip, which lasts about 45 seconds, is a fascinating insight to the famous performer.”

  3. Adam says:

    “Human being in alcohol intake shocker!”

    Maybe he was arrested fair and square and as a result it’s fair game for the tabloids (although not of any interest to me personally), but it’s hardly “fascinating” or “dramatic”. The Indo trying to justify their coverage with some fantastic hyperbole there.

    Just as an aside – if the video shows what I think it does (Gardaí getting Rosenstock to do impersonations while in their custody), then isn’t this another case of Gardaí unprofessionalism that should be investigated?