Fifty quid to whoever uploads the Gormley V McDowell fight to YouTube

Edit: Fifty quid sent out. Thanks!

In case you missed it, John Gormley gatecrashed McDowell’s poster launch. Then Lucinda Creighton came along and also had some fun. Cue Benny Hill music.

Raw footage – The good proper fight (quality is crap):

Direct link to RTE real media file.

RTE News Report with edited footage:

4 Responses to “Fifty quid to whoever uploads the Gormley V McDowell fight to YouTube”

  1. Squirrel says:

    rehashing the same policies and now rehashing the same stunts.

  2. Adam says:

    Superb work by Gormley – McDowell looked seriously disgusted as having his photocall hijacked and something tells me they’ll be looking to get the Greens back with a similar tactic.

    Great to see RTÉ put the full (or most of the) clip too rather than the edited piece that’s likely to make its way into news bulletins.

  3. […] Last time around it was McDowell climbing the poll that seemingly decided the  result. Will John Gormley attacking McDowell coming down from a poll be this on. Footage here sorry about the quality. Hat tip Damien […]

  4. Brian Boru says:

    Shows the Greens are just a party of protest.