Indo website relaunch – – Very red

The much anticipated website for the Irish Independent has finally launched. No more registering to access the content. Better navigation menu. Much nicer page titles. A search box that searches the site not the net. Good. Comments now for the articles on there. Better design, very like the Irish Times though. All good. Where are the RSS icons on the front page though? I absolutely love the “Most Popular” thingy where we can see the most read articles and most emailed articles.

There are a few bugs with the UI and the scroller but am sure they’ll be fixed quite quickly. Article from Editor on the changes.

When I left a comment it said my IP was 143.239.*.* which is actually a range for UCC if I recall. That’s not my IP. 🙂

So how about blogs on the site too?

Game on Irish Times and Examiner 🙂

6 Responses to “Indo website relaunch – – Very red”

  1. Mick says:

    About time they got rid of the Unison tie in. It made no sense to keep it running for so long. Did anyone ever actually use the Unison internet tv box?

  2. Lar Veale says:


    following your lead, I’ve put a review of the new Indo website up too.


  3. David Doran says:

    The Unison system was terrible, very unprofessional.
    As for the new site it seems to be professional a newspaper site has to be very cluttered, other than that it looks quite respectable.

  4. Fence says:

    Looks nice, but they seem to have gotten rid of a few of the regional papers, I don’t the Sligo Champion there anymore, though maybe it’ll appear when the new issue comes out.

  5. Liam Daly says:

    “Game on Irish Times”?

    Didn’t they relatively recently launch their first new design in several years?

  6. Damien B says:

    I like the new layout, it works well. The search doesn’t though; the biggest non-political story of the last few days happened in Letterkenny, but searching “letterkenny” brings back nothing.