Mobile phone project – Phones wanted

I’m hoping to do a project with mobile phones later in the Summer and will need a lot of mobile phones to do it. The criteria is they have to be working. Unlocked would be even better. They need to be able to send texts and make and receive calls. Age doesn’t matter too much.

No, you won’t get them back and no I’m not going to tell you just yet what the project is and to be completely honest, the phone would probably be put to better use if it was given to a third world charity that collects them. (If someone can provide a link to one, I’ll put up here.)

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  1. Drop into your local Nokia Repair Centre with this request. The ones I use always have old sets awaiting a new life.

  2. Markham says:

    Mr Mulley,

    Not mobile-phone related, but still firmly in your techie arena.
    Check out the ever-expanding
    I studied Development Studies with Cormac, the founder. Great bloke, a worthy cause, and no questioning the benefits it generates.

    Worth a Pro Bono fluffy link?

  3. Not a 3rd world charity, but an Irish one – The Jack & Jill Foundation.

  4. You could ask jack and jill for the lend of these phones before they are recycled.

  5. […] Damien Mulley is looking for your old mobile phones. Although not strictly related to embedded software the request is curious enough to make me wonder what he is up to, especially as the phones need to be in working order and you won’t get them back. Although not technically anything to do with embedded engineering (outside of mobiles can be considered embedded devices) I still think the initiative, whatever it is, deserves a link. […]

  6. luicky dobay says:

    We have any type of phones you are looking for ok,get back to us with your shipping addres to

  7. […] Following on from my post about looking for mobile phones, I was asked to mention a few charities in the almost daily fluffy links. If you want more mentioned, add them to the comments. […]