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Found a few interesting blogs on the Irish Health system. First is The Bitter Pill – An insider’s view on the Irish Health Service. Blurb:

I’m a junior doctor working in the Irish Health Service, and I’m absoutely sick and tired of seeing nothing being done to address the various problems running unchecked that have nearly brought the service to its knees. I’ve decided that the only way things will ever change is if people who know what’s really going on inside the ranks and behind the close doors speak out. We need whistleblowers.

Then there’s the blog for the Irish Medical Times. Some good articles there so far and one very sad blog post on drug abuse which just uses quotes from parents:

“I went to my local doctor, I just wanted to know what to do. He just said to me, some kids turn out to be scum.”

“I started crying, I was in the bottom of a big black hole. I said what am I going to do now, I thought I’ll give him money for heroin and that will keep him going. We went off to Dublin to get the heroin.”

Another blog on the Irish health system which seems to be a college project.

7 Responses to “Irish Health system blogs”

  1. Colin Kerr, Editor, Irish Medical Times says:

    It’s surprising that more people aren’t blogging about the Irish health service given that its in such a mess. The debate is very lively in the national and medical press but there’s very litttle out there online.

  2. Robin says:

    I’ve seen another new one

  3. emr says:

    hi robin is this your comment or marketing of wordpress blog?

  4. MRecord says:

    EMR its not marketing just checked

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  6. Kevin Peyton says:

    I concur with Colin – we’ve discussed this a couple of times over coffee. with so much ‘bad news’ stories around health in ireland – it’s amazing there is not somebody out there documenting it.

    for my own part, have been blogging about Healthcare and IT for a while now – if intermittently – at The Health Tech Blog (

    thing is, this is becoming increasingly hard to do in an Irish context, given the icy conditions/poor name for IT consultancy in healthcare in Ireland.


  7. B. Bultman says:

    The Irish Health system is in desperate need of proper funding and management. People need also to be aware of their rights as patients. We can all make a little difference by going to the following website and signing the petition:

    It’s at least a start!