Fluffy Links – April 11th 2007

Don’t forget to register for ShareIT on April 28th in Dublin.

Also, don’t forget to come to Silicon Valley in November. Register your interest.

Seems one of the kidnapped/sell your story to the Sun sailors has a Bebo and bebo are encouraging people to “share the luv” with the guy. How patriotic.

I still miss the Show with Ze Frank. Bring out the DVD already!

Colin Whittaker works for Magnet (who despite their assurances, have abandoned consumer Local Loop unbundling) and is giving a talk at BarCamp Dublin about Local Loop Unbundling. He gave a talk on the same subject in the UK recently and his slides (7MB pdf) are a must-view on how unbelievably fucking complicated and expensive LLU is. I’ll be sending the presentation to some journalists I know and I’d recommend they go to this talk actually. Pity some politicians can’t be made go.

Seems a cheap beauty cream from Boots is so in demand in the UK that people are paying 5 times the retail value on eBay for it. More on Beaut.ie here.

Real fake watches. Woo.

Oops, instead of swapping porn, some idiot swapped the designs of a missile system.

Marketers don’t need ads or ad agencies anymore? Having direct conversations with customers instead.

Nice stats on American political websites.

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