Political Thicko Outguns the real election candidates

Edit: It seems YouTube is down or having hiccups.

Going back to this again. People use YouTube for one thing and they use the space in between newsbreaks for another. Party political broadcasts are like some kind of thing you have to suffer through in church, people expect more online than that. If elections were won on pageviews and on YouTube views, well, this lady, er gent, would romp home.

Mary Harney video, 2,265 views.

Political Thickos “interpretation”, 2,281 views.

And now add on the Enda video, 1062+ views.

A fun fact about this is that Mary’s video has had a drastic increase in viewers, ever since the PoliticalThicko was unleashed. It might just have stayed under 1000 views without the help from the bearded Mary.

3 Responses to “Political Thicko Outguns the real election candidates”

  1. Simon McGarr says:

    I say that everyone who watches Political Thicko’s Mary, also goes on to watch the original glossed version. Therefore, only the difference between the two represent actual Classic Mary viewers.

    On that reading Mary actually has a negative number of viewers, putting her at the bottom of the political ladder.

  2. citizena says:

    Politcalthickos video is a brilliant anecdote to the sickening shuffling of statistics that is Mary Harney’s podcast. Mary Harney may not want to focus on ‘the problems and the difficulties’ in the health service but those of us who’ve suffered from the hell that is our health service don’t have any choice.

  3. boozy says:

    I typed “Mary Harney” and “Enda kenny” into youtube search. In each case the two spoof videos are second in line, ahead of numerous pieces by/about the real politicians!