Link love – March 27th 2007

In some cultures, it is believed that having your photo taken means your soul has been captured and part of you dies. If only that were true, I’d be like those Japanese tourists with half a dozen cameras hanging off my neck. But enough about me. John Williams is a bloody amazing photographer. He gave me a great photo of Jelly Babies taking over the world. Were those old style United Colours of Benetton ads still about, that photo could be used.

Just like the knee bone is connected to the head bone and the shortest route between two points is not as long as other routes, the Ball*istic blog is a sister publication of the RTE Guide. Now with more guideyness.

Kim Wilde. Kids in America. Remember the song. G’wan. Humm it, sing it. Now think of Ireland beating the absolute crap of someone on the rugby pitch. Doesn’t really suit does it? Thank god Tom and his sports blog thinks the same. Song is in your bloody head now though. Hate that.

Paige reminds me of Atlantic 252 in the evening time when it was still around. She comes along in waves and gives us great posts and then retreats into the ether again and then back again and then gone again. (For extra emphasis, rock slowly back and forth in your chair.) See? She feels guilty about this and should not. Give Paige a visit.

Should you need a link and nobody else can help, maybe you should ask for some link love?

One Response to “Link love – March 27th 2007”

  1. McAWilliams says:

    Thanks a mill for the link love Damien, Hope that picture found a suitable place to be hung up, remember my recommendations!