Fluffy Links – March 27th 2007

Don’t forget the Cork Open Coffee Club is this Friday.

Daithí predicts FF policy based on that awful (Won’t someone think of the childern?) song Fianna Fáil played at their Ard Fheis.

Zach Condon aka Beirut actually made another album years ago and here are some tracks. Consider that he’s barely 20 now. Genius.

Interesting idea. Insurance for getting fined on trains for not having a ticket. Can you do it for speeding tickets?

Hugh Macleod is on another of his “on fire” streaks. Here’s his take on Advertising 2.0.

A counter to those trucker mudlfaps. Very odd.

Via ICT Station is a clever idea. Social networking site for train users. Not the anorak train watchers, mind.

IBM announced 100 jobs for Cork. How many will actually happen? I bet there’ll be another announcement of 50 jobs and then 30 etc etc and yet it might still never add up to 100. Interesting project actually, to monitor the announcements and see if the figures are ever reached.

Win the keyboard Neil Gaiman wrote Sandman on.

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