The over-reliance on one website – Come back

Apart from GMail, Meebo and Bloglines, the one site I visit the most daily is and now with it down all weekend there’s a gap in my web life. I guess I should log off and go out and try and catch pneumonia or something… Hey Roger. you should set up a tipjar so we can contribute to what is now an essential web service for some.

3 Responses to “The over-reliance on one website – Come back”

  1. The feature I miss the most is the theme cloud. I found it so useful to figure out with a glance what was going on. I think it was removed some months ago due to the load it put on the server. Pity. I spoke to Roger about it via email and then again at the IBA. I know Roger isn’t into monetising it, but there must be some middle-ground that will help him deliver what is a great resource.


  2. frankp says:

    yeah… It’s funny how frustrating it is not to be able to glance into the irishblogs feed and get a handle on what’s going on…

    do tip jars work? what about an occasional donation drive?

    it’s back anyway. thank god.

  3. david nicol says:

    do tipjars work? When you have a big enough community, and don’t mind doing the occasional fund drive pay-up-or-the-service-goes-away kind of blackmail, they may. tip jars don’t work at this time but they will again at some point. Google adsense works, and doesn’t require any additional activity on the part of the users of the service, but you get these distracting advertisements wherever you put them. But they’re on-topic. Sometimes the on-topic aspects are kind of amusing — for example I adsensed aesops fables to see what i’d get, sometimes they are kind of amusing.
    was the first one of several that was not advertising aesop fable collections in a quick review just now, but initially the ads were all over the map.