Fluffy Links – March 19th 2007

These are fun bears. No Will, not that type.

Via Tim W

Ireland is a micro-state that steals other countries tax revenues. It is not capable of being compared to the UK. It can only survive under the shadow of the UK (and I say this as an Irish citizen).

Interesting perspective.

Via Where’s the Salt? Arthaven in Crosshaven are going to be showing Baraka on Friday March 23rd.

Nenagh.pl. Cool idea.

That Government VC fund seems to be gathering dust.

Bellamy doesn’t actually exist, claim scientists.

Tony and Lauren are not bothered:

Gervais is a God:

Borat isn’t as good as the above Gervais bit:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – March 19th 2007”

  1. Phil says:

    I definitely wasn’t expecting that response from Tony Blair – very funny.

  2. Thanks for the Link Damien! Hopefully plenty will turn up to the Arthaven gig on Friday.