Lots of bloggers in Dublin on Feb 1st

Myself, John, Brian, and Johnny will be at the Digital Media Awards tomorrow evening. EDIT: And Conn! There’s also a blogger curry going on in Dublin organised by Paul Walsh. I also hear that John “I didn’t know he was a ginger til Blogorrah mentioned it”Ryan will aso be at the Digital Media Awards. Himself and John Breslin and a few others are up for the Best Blog award. (Not affiliated with the Irish Blog Awards) I got a spare ticket at the last minute so I’ve given it to Twenty. John, he’ll be the one with the slingshot.

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2 Responses to “Lots of bloggers in Dublin on Feb 1st”

  1. I’ll also be there, my agency (ICAN) is up for three awards. So ye in the bar after (and, er before!).


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