Blogorrah to launch Huff Post blog for Ireland?

Via the Irish Echo:

O’Connor thinks blogging has the potential to significantly impact on the election outcome.

“It’s going to be a bloggers election,” he said. “An Irish election has never been held up for the kind of scrutiny that bloggers can offer. The majority of Irish media tows a certain line: this is how we’re supposed to feel, this is how we’re supposed to react. I think there’s an irreverence that blogging can offer. I think the bloggers are a lot more in touch with the people, whose views are a lot more mixed, a lot more confused and, in some cases, a lot more apathetic than people think.”

The Blogorrah team is keen to get involved with the election; their next step is to start up a more politically-based Irish blog, akin to the Huffington Post, that will give Irish bloggers a forum in which to discuss and openly debate political matters.

So there ye have it folks. I’d love to see something like this. Competition is great. While they’re at it they should buy before the Indo or Times snaps them up. Oh and pity is taken as that would be great to see a website geared towards Irish lads. I wonder could there be an Irish version of Fleshbot too… wishful thinking. This is kind of my second Blogorrah related post today. No, I don’t want a job. Juggling 5 is enough ta.

10 Responses to “Blogorrah to launch Huff Post blog for Ireland?”

  1. Tipster says:

    I don’t agree with O’Connnor. Irish elections have been held up to detailed scrutiny. The problem is that it has been policy, economic and other geeks who have done the scrutiny. Now another, new, but still relatively small cohort will be talking to each other about the election details. I cannot see any reason to think that journalists are going to take information on what will be sensitive issues from blogs at a high-pressure time.

  2. Twenty Major says:

    Derek O’Connor is a fucking slut.


  3. frankp says:

    Blogorrah political site.. scary thought.

  4. Twenty Major says:

    ‘Glenda Gilson for President!’

  5. kirstie says:

    We’re not for sale.

    Well, not for less than a million cool ones anyway. A gals gotta have her standards, and all those shoes do not come cheap.

  6. Grandad says:

    Podge for Taoiseach, Rodge for Tainiste

  7. aphrodite says:

    Damien, you’re the best!

  8. Blurred Keys says: update

    – Blogorrah, now a cultural icon- Advertising started – Political blog in the works- Irish sports blog restated Blogorrah is now online Irish cultural icon spending its time slating Irish politicians, models, actors, and media. Although it is New York-…

  9. Irish Savant says:

    Stop fighting girls and read my wonderful multi-purpose speech for our beloved President.

  10. is in the forefront of election and political stuff.not much room for more.