Irish Discussion Forums – Got a list?

I’m gone through DMOZ and I can’t find a comprehensive list of Irish Discussion forums. I looked at and it says there are 38 discussion forums from Ireland in their database but I can’t find an actual list. Anyone got a list or shall I start one and people can add to them? I thought there’d be one by now. I’m sure James wouldn’t mind such a list for the OPML directory. 🙂

8 Responses to “Irish Discussion Forums – Got a list?”

  1. Willie Walsh says:

    If’n you’re starting a list, please add the Dublin South-West Forum at TX.

  2. You know me… can’t get enough OPML 🙂

    Any and all contributions to the Open Irish Directory are gratefully received but what would be really terrific is not just a list of the message boards but the RSS feeds corresponding to each forum in a hierarchical OPML file… like what I compiled by hand for Unfortunately though I guess not too many will have feeds implemented / enabled yet.

  3. feckthat says: is my one, feel free to add it. 😀

  4. Niall says:

    How … HOW could you leave out ???

  5. kitty says: is a girly one. Pretty crap too.

  6. kitty says: