Fluffy Links – December 14th 2006

Firefly Convention is canceled at very last minute. Very pissed off fans. The actors still decided they are going to turn up and keep them happy though. This is respect for your fans.

Screw you coppers, give us our privacy. Clampdown on prostitutes backfires as the people and press tell police to respect peoples privacy.

Blogging gets you a free test drive of an Aston Martin.

Create paintings with your daily mouse movements.

Is this just a marketing scam or art project? Girl leaves a map for her BF to follow and along the street she has left lyrics to “Fly me to the Moon.” Bookmark that for Valentine’s Day.

Via Daily Warthog: Honda Tron Ad

Angel Decoy:

Family Guy – The Ring

One Response to “Fluffy Links – December 14th 2006”

  1. FlashDublin says:

    On a completely different matter i have created a e-mail address to start irelands first flash mob and I’m looking for the help of all bloggers to spread the word. When there is enough people recruited, i reckon 30-50+, a time and venue with a chosen theme will be arranged and everyone who’s e-mailed FlashDublin@gmail.com wil be given a weeks notice give or take!!

    Most likely goin to be a saturday! Please include suggestions for possible themes.

    Spread the word, blog on!