An Web or Na Blogs – Ample opportunity for European blogging/tech summit

So Le Web est mort, vive le replacement. So a London Gnomedex or a Dublin “Na Blogs”? First things first should be a massive discount for anyone that suffered through Le Web. Now’a the opportunity to do it right.

Still here in Paris. Greets!

7 Responses to “An Web or Na Blogs – Ample opportunity for European blogging/tech summit”

  1. Tom Raftery says:

    We already discussed bring it to Cork with Nicole Simone and several of the European bloggers and they’d love it.

  2. Fergal says:

    Na Bloganna, surely?

  3. John says:

    Cork and Dublin seem overly represented with Tech events. How about Limerick, Galway or Athlone?

  4. Personally, I think the civilised world doesn’t need another blogging conference.

  5. Roger says:

    Why not? An Ghréasán 2.0 ™ in Ireland’s blogging capital – Cork. It seems that the IT@Cork events are of better quality than what went on in Paris. What better way to network, than over a pint or two of Murphys (or even the odd Guinness for us Dubs). Count me in. Go on Damien, Tom….go on, go on, go on.

  6. “Na Bloganna”, I was about to say aswell!! throw a fada in for good measure for the tourists too – they’ll love that. “Na Blogánna”.

  7. Oh dear lord, Robin, not there! Anyway, the Irish for ‘blog’ is ‘blag’, so ‘the blogs’ would be ‘Na Blaganna’. ‘Na Bláganna’ might be ok if you really, really want a fada. 🙂