Fluffy Links – November 23rd 2006

Irish Bloggers can make money from blogging. Congrats John.

A social diary for Cork. Christ. Next we’ll have doggy mags.

Interesting “toy” on Amazon. Read the reviews!

Handy Technorati widget for showing what blogs are linking to each blog post. Who needs trackbacks!

Mike Tyson is a whore for money. No, really.

Possibly morbid but now we might see tombstones connected to the grid which can give a visitor to a grave a multimedia overview of the deceased’s life.

Leverage points. Super nodes. Areas to spend most energy on? Reminds me of the book “Linked“.

Just when you have hope for mankind, you read this upsetting report from the Congo.

How to sell vapourware.

How code can make the world a little greener.

Via BoingBoing: Skateboarding Mannequins

KLF – 3am Eternal:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – November 23rd 2006”

  1. That report fropm the Congo is one of the worst things I have ever read. Kind of makes you wonder of dropping a few nuclear bombs might be the only solution, stop those doing it and put the rest out of their misery. That our an invasion of an army with sets of rusty bolt cutters

  2. Fiona says:

    The Tyson story is apparently a hoax