For a limited time only – No.1 for “Damien” on

Go to and search for: damien
Beating yer man Rice and yer man Dempsey.
(Yes I am that sad.)

When you Google for “Damien” on or Google it on* I’m not near no.1

Meanwhile Richard is talking about the Americans and Googlebombing their elections. I think we should make Fianna Fail guy Damien Blake number 1 for the search phrase “Fianna Fail”. Since he seems to be the one Fianna Failer who is actively engaging with the online community it is only right that he should rank highly in results when someone searches for Fianna Fail.

*Bubble Brothers, like Google, have issued a guide on when to use and when not to use the phrase “bubble brothers”.

Update: Blakey is on first page of results for Damien too. Competition!

8 Responses to “For a limited time only – No.1 for “Damien” on”

  1. I’ll start the Finnalisation of Damien Blake on my blog by hyperlinking all occurrences of the word “Fianna Fail” to

  2. Rob says:

    Argh, that ‘Bubble Brothers’ genericide piece is awful.

  3. Roger says:

    If you google “Damien” on you’re no. 1! Lots of places to google these days.

  4. Branedy says:

    Mind you ‘Google’ is not a verb for searching 😉

  5. Adam says:

    Mind you ‘Google’ is not a verb for searching 😉

    Yes it is; I was just googling through my old clothes the other day to see what I could give to charity… I also googled my attic for a piece of jewellery, but sadly I aint found it yet.

  6. I’m not sure the party of Dempsey and Martin really deserves to have someone with a clue as its top Google result.

  7. Julian says:

    Hi Rob, it was meant to be awful – I certainly wasn’t trying to be clever. One, it’s been a very hard month organizing our autumn wine event, and I don’t have a dog to kick, time for long runs or money for booze and it just came out. Two, I’m not sure there’s any level at which conversations about ‘language’ can ever be held without making the participants hate each other, and besides I felt that Google’s crassness ought to beget lots of new crassness. To show them the error of their ways. And the butterfly stamped… And three, I did it just on the infinitesimal off-chance Google might wish to make me desist with the fatuous parodies. We’d sell a few extra bottles that way. Thank you for introducing me to ‘genericide’ – great word.

  8. Damien B says:

    I noticed something- yours is the only entry for “damien” on the first results page that does not have “damien” in the url. I wonder would that have been enough to get you to number one?